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School of Theology and Ministry

MA in Transformational Leadership

Here at Seattle University, we dare to move beyond the black and white. Instead of seeing divides between the personal / professional, spiritual / religious, secular / faith-based--we approach the world as one integrated whole. With that in mind, students in our Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership program train to bring their whole selves to work, whether they find themselves in corporations, nonprofits, churches and faith-based organizations, or other corners of the marketplace.

Our students come from every life stage and experience-level to learn and explore concepts together--like meaning-making, justice, peacebuilding, earth ethics, and social analysis.

Unique Components

What do our faculty, staff, students and alumni have in common? We are dedicated to the art of bridge-building. In a world where language, race, religion, culture, and economics and often divide people and obstruct work for the common good--we have chosen to connect instead of divide, to talk instead of debate, and to work together instead of on our own. Students bring their specific  interests to the classroom to explore social consciousness, global understanding, and personal interconnectedness.  




Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry designed and built this degree in 2008, with no degree of its kind available in the global community. Dean Markuly saw a need for a unique degree program that addresses some of the nuanced challenges of our time in history.

What Alumni are Doing
  • Nonprofit Organizational Development
  • Fund Development Director
  • Executive Director, Ecumenical Organization
  • HIV/AIDS Case Manager
  • Business Owner, Technology Services
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships

Faculty Highlights

Click below for profile information on some of the degree's core faculty. For the complete list of core and adjunct faculty, see here!

Sharon Callahan, EdDMark S Markuly, PhD


Faustino M Cruz, SM, PhD

Degree Options

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL)
The MATL is a program within Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry. Applications are processed through Graduate Admissions. The below option is also available through our partnership with the Seattle University School of Law.

Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (JD/MATL)
The MATL/JD Joint degree program is designed to allow students interested in obtaining both the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) and the Juris Doctor degrees simultaneously. This allows students to obtain both degrees in less time than if they were obtained independently. At a time when societies around the globe are struggling to combat corruption and lapse of ethics, the world needs individuals who lead with the courage of their convictions. The MATL/JD program prepares students to become a positive force for social justice in a dynamic world. Through the joint degree program, specified courses taken within the School of Theology and Ministry will count toward the JD degree and specified courses taken in the School of Law will count toward the MATL degree. Students are required to be admitted separately to both the School of Law and the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University.

For information on Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry and the MATL degree, visit For information on Seattle University's' School of Law, visit