Degree Requirements

Below is a list of degree requirements for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree.

  • All credits are quarter credits
  • Years average is based on FT at 3 classes per quarter

I. Scripture (9 credits)

  • Christian Scriptures: Narratives
  • Selective of Christian Scripture
  • Hebrew Scriptures: Wisdom & Narratives or Hebrew Scriptures: Prophetic Context

II. Systematic and Historical Theology (12 credits)

  • Methods and Contexts of Theological Reflection
  • Theology of the Human Person or Jesus the Christ
  • Theology, Ecumenism, and Pluralism
    Choose one (1) of the following courses
  • History of Ancient Christianity
  • History of Medieval Christianity
  • History of the Reformation

III. Spirituality, Ethics and Justice (12 credits)

  • Christian Theological Ethics
  • Community, Culture, and Justice
  • Christian Spirituality and Prayer
  • Contemporary Expressions in Spirituality

IV. Skills and Ministerial Formation (12 credits)

  • Professional Care Skills
  • Internship & Integration I & II
  • The Art and Spirituality of Creative Education

V. Worship and Liturgy (3 credits)

  • Sacramental and Liturgical Theology or Theology and Practice of Worship

VI. Electives (6 credits)

For complete course descriptions, credit information and more please visit the SU Academic Catalog.



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