Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies

54 credits, 2 years

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) degree helps students to deepen self-knowledge, explore Christian traditions, and develop skills to minister in church and society. The MAPS degree specifically addresses pastoral leadership skill development within congregations and faith-based communities. As reflective practitioners, students integrate classroom studies and interpersonal learning with meaningful internship experiences throughout the greater Seattle area.


Diaconal Ministry Specialization: Students have the opportunity to combine the MA in Pastoral Studies with focused preparation for diaconal ministry. Requirements for the role of a deacon vary by denomination. The MA in Pastoral Studies degree with a Diaconal Ministry Specialization (link) fulfills Roman Catholic and Lutheran / ELCA requirements. 

Certificate of Graduate Studies in Diaconal Ministry: The Diaconal Ministry Certificate option fulfills requirements for Episcopal and United Methodist denominations. (see Diaconal Ministry Specialization for Roman Catholic and Lutheran / ELCA requirements).

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, MAPS students will be able to:

  • Develop a method of theological reflection informed by central themes of the Christian tradition.
  • Demonstrate responsive and discerning listening skills while remaining grounded in self-understanding.
  • Address social and ethical challenges utilizing moral and spiritual wisdoms.


Please reach out to Carolyn M. Dougherty, Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Services at or 206-296-5333.

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