We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new 54-credit academic degree program. The Master of Arts (M.A.) is a flexible program that will allow students to explore theology, spirituality or religious studies in specialized and more individualized courses of study. The degree offers the option of a focus in spiritual direction, general theological studies, or spirituality. Other focus areas will become available in the future.

The M.A. degree is designed for students interested in pursuing a doctoral program later or the lifelong learner who has always been interested in religion and spirituality. It is also for a leader in government, business, the military, or other fields who recognize that religious ideas, images, history, and dynamics have had – and continue to have – profound influence on all societies of the world (and particularly the U.S.) and would like to understand how these influences shape cultural values, self-understanding, and decision-making.

With a significant amount of elective possibilities, students have the freedom in this program to research the intersection of religion and spirituality with other academic disciplines, such as history, health care, psychology, social sciences, law, and more.

Within the 54-credit degree program, there is an equal distribution of nine required and elective classes, giving students the maximum freedom to design their own field of study. The M.A. is excellent preparation for interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs.

There are three program-learning outcomes to the M.A.: 

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamental themes in the declared area of concentration of either theology or spirituality
  2. Demonstrate an ability to relate fundamental themes to other fields of study
  3. Integrate theological reflection into one’s own life and spirituality 

Scholarships are available!

For more information contactCarolyn M. Dougherty, 
Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Services 
at (206) 296-5333 or email at dougher6@seattleu.edu.