School of Theology and Ministry
Doctor of Ministry

Student Stories

  • Although we have just launched this new Doctor of Ministry, the school has offered the first year of the program as the Post-Master's Certificate of Pastoral Leadership for nine years. Below are a few of our student testimonials and quote.

    "Almost every aspect of my pastoral work has some root in the learning I did in the Certificate in Pastoral Leadership program."
             - Rev. Darrell L. Goodwin
               Pastor, Liberation United Church of Christ

    "The Post-Master's Certificate in Pastoral Leadership is an essential asset to the continuing development and relevance of spiritual and religious leadership in the days to come."
             - Rev. Joanne Sanders
               Stanford University               

    "Without the unbelievable care and competence of the Seattle University faculty, I think my life as an artist, teacher, and leader would have lost its sense of purpose and joy. I appreciate their seeking new horizons of hope in a very culturally dark time."
             - Yonnah Ben Levy
               Lay Leader, Episcopal Church

  • Not only have I been impacted, but my religious community as well as my family have been transformed by the program.

    Rev. Evelina Rogers-Williams Co-Pastor, Abundant Life Church