Degree Requirements

Below is a list of degree requirements for the Doctor of Ministry degree.

  • All credits are quarter credits
  • Years average is based on FT at 3 classes per quarter

Required Courses 

I. Leadership Core

  • Envisioning Leadership
  • Effective Teams in Ministry
  • Healthy Systems in Ministry
  • Leading from Spiritual Depth I & II
  • Sustaining Pastoral Excellence I & II
  • Companions in Leadership

II. Research

  • Social Analysis: Skills for Unpacking Society’s Problems
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Doctoral Project Seminar

III. Specialization Area

This area of discovery allows the student-practitioner to specialize in specific areas of ministry that deepen his/her understanding and contribution to pastoral ministry. In the beginning, the student-practitioner may choose to begin with the curriculum the School of Theology and Ministry already offers and is known for in theological circles: ecumenical and interreligious leadership; leadership from spiritual depth; chaplaincy; and transformational pastoral leadership. In addition, student-practitioners may choose from a variety of fields available within Seattle University to build a specialized or interdisciplinary focus of expertise.

  • Ecumenical / Interreligious
  • Pastoral / Transformational / Spiritual Leadership
  • Interdisciplinary

IV. Doctoral Project

Once a doctoral candidate’s project proposal is approved, the student-practitioner registers for STMD 6990 and begins research and writing under the direction of the student’s doctoral committee chair. In the following quarters, the student continues to register for STMD 6990 until the doctoral project is complete and course credits are exhausted. No more than 9 credits can be earned through the doctoral project. Doctoral candidates may register for them in consecutive quarters or intersperse them with other coursework throughout the entire length of the degree following approval of the proposal.

  • Doctoral Project

For complete course descriptions, credit information and more please visit the SU Academic Catalog.


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