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  • Scripture and Leadership Training (SALT) provides a holistic approach to studying the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, spirituality and leadership training into one effective program.

    The program offers participants communities the opportunity to connect scripture to their life through reflection and prayer in the context of an adult learning community. Every session includes questions designed to assist participants in developing a spirituality of reflection and action, while exploring new leadership skills and qualities that are linked to the scriptures under consideration.

    Product Information

    SALT can be purchased in the languages of English, Spanish and Vietnamese from Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry. Once purchased you will receive the instructor workbook that includes:

    • Lesson plans
    • Student worksheets
    • PowerPoint Presentations with instructions
    • Participant Workbooks
    • Leadership Resources
    • Prayer forms

    The program is currently in use by the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska, and the Pastoral Center in the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The SALT program has been offered in the Seattle, Yakima and Spokane dioceses as well.

    About the Program

    SALT invites participants to explore major Biblical texts and themes through six seasons. Each season consists of nine sessions which thoroughly grounds participants in major Scripture texts. These seasons can be arranged in multiple ways.

    Since the SALT program relies on literary critical method (as well as historical critical and others), Narrative texts (Exodus and Mark) are explored first followed by Prophetic texts (Isaiah and Paul), and Wisdom texts (Psalms, and John). Each season can stand on its own, but the total package of eight seasons thoroughly prepares people to lead Scripture studies, teach and catechize others, or ground their lives in a biblical spirituality.

    The program prepares participants to deepen their ability to serve as resources for the wider Church community. A carefully integrated curriculum assists participants in connecting their scripture understanding with their spirituality and their own leadership development. For example, while exploring the books of Exodus and Mark, participants consider the theories of group development, methods of facilitating groups, and their impact on communities of faith.

    Since there are many paths to the Holy, the SALT curriculum explores various paths described within the Judeo-Christian biblical tradition. To develop a "biblical spirituality" is to allow the sacred texts to both inform us about the nature of the Divine and to transform us ever more deeply into the People of God. We pursue this study with a realistic awareness of the historical and cultural limitations of the biblical perspectives as well as our own.

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