Heru Prakosa, S.J., Ph.D.

Sanata Dharma University
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Heru Prakosa is an Indonesian Jesuit priest who has been trained in Philosophy, Christian Theology and Islamic Studies. His dissertation was entitled Meaning in the Order of Discourse and An Attempt to Approach It: A Study on Al-Râzî’s Nihâyat al-Îjâz fî- Dirâyat al-I`jâz. He now lectures in the Graduate Program of the Theology Department of Sanata Dharma University (Pontifical Faculty of Wedhabakti), in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He also coordinates several Jesuit-led initiatives that seek to foster dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia. His interests include contextual theology, interreligious studies and interfaith dialogue, and his approach to these areas of study has been most influenced by Ignatian pedagogy. One of his most cherished experiences was the time when he was invited to give a public lecture in the Seattle University, in February 2014, entitled “To be Religious is to be Interreligious: a Pilgrimage across Religious Boundaries.”