Photo of Carolyn M. Dougherty, MAPC

Carolyn M. Dougherty, MAPC

Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Services

Phone: 206.296.5333

Photo of Karen Fujii, MEd

Karen Fujii, MEd

Director of Marketing and Communications

Phone: 206.220.8591

Photo of Maria Groen

Maria Groen

Senior Director of Development

Phone: 206.296.6955

Photo of Diana Miller, MDiv, MBA

Diana Miller, MDiv, MBA

Director of Operations

Phone: 206.296.5326

Photo of Simone Winston

Simone Winston

Information & Instructional Technology Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.5313

Photo of Lizzie Young

Lizzie Young

Academic Programs Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.5312