School of Theology and Ministry

Rev. Richard Cunningham

  • Dick Cunningham 
    Professor Emeritus


    • D. Min. Drew University School of Theology, Madison, NJ
    • M. Ed Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
    • M. Div. Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA Major: Psychology and Sociology
    • B. A. Northwest Christian College, Eugene, OR

    Examples of Courses Taught

    • Ministerial and Theological Integration I, II, & III
    • Practicum I, II
    • Urban Ministry
    • Independent Study Research Areas

    Research Areas

    • 2000 – Inner City Churches in Renewal - Scotland
    • 2002 – Immersion as a Process of Cultural Change
    • 2010- Wabash Grant – Experiential Learning and Cultural immersions
    • 2011 – Faith Communities in the Bailey-Gatzert Catchment Area

    Selected Publications

    2010 Wabash Grant – Immersion experience 10 ATS School Evaluated

    Personal Bio

    Developed a nationally recognized contextual education program at the School of Theology and Ministry, which involved experiential learning, in a practical ministerial setting, and a disciplined reflection process with a seasoned member of the faculty and peer classmates. Students are required to use the tools of theological reflection to better understand pastoral formation and articulating a workable theology based on scripture and tradition. Cunningham reported that when students had to come to terms with their own questions, the greatest learning took place. He created a crucible of trust where students could challenge assumptions; explore family of origin impact on ministerial role, authority and self-esteem, refine pastoral skill sets and do theology.