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School of Theology and Ministry


About Seattle University's
School of Theology and Ministry

Our global community is changing at an incredible rate, affecting everyday life more and more. These movements challenge the status quo for churches, synagogues and mosques; small businesses, startups and corporations; community centers, agencies, schools and universities—every corner of our shared life. That’s why leadership development is the core of each of our degree's curriculum. Our evolving world calls for risk-taking individuals that lead with the whole community in mind, especially as the community grows and changes. Bold leadership isn’t easy, and it’s hard to learn. Our faculty love teaching for that reason. They find no greater joy than watching students dig deep into their potential and experience life in a new way.

Choosing to live contemplatively is also bold.
In a world where our eyes see thousands of messages every day—pulling us to consume products, to join affinity groups, and to subscribe to certain values—it takes dedication and commitment to interrupt the noise. Our graduates emerge as "contemplatives in action"—valuing a way of being in the world that is rooted in spirituality. Some sit across from clients in therapy with unique attentiveness that is fostered through holistic self-care. Others lead churches and nonprofits with a humble sensitivity to the needs and attributes of clients and community members. They take time for personal deep reading of sacred texts and spiritual direction while being quick to laugh and celebrate. And still others are in the trenches of social service, working to end homelessness, breaking down racial barriers, or mentoring young people in their quest for identity.

This work is too important to do alone. That's why the school has invested (from the very start) in relationships with individuals and communities that are seeking to do this together with us. 

We invite you to be a part of this exciting work at this important time in history. Inquire about our degrees, refer a student, or participate as a community partner. Let's work toward a more just, sustainable and compassionate world together.


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