St. Ignatius Medal

The St. Ignatius Medal

The rich history of Seattle University is built upon the dedication, hard work, and voluntary service of individuals within the University's alumni and the Jesuit community. The unwavering faith of these individuals in the educational mission of the University and their selfless dedication to advancing Seattle University's progress is the foundation upon which past and future accomplishments have been built.

Being at the core of Jesuit teachings and the Catholic faith, service is a hallmark of our community. And for some, it is performed with such love, humility, and joy that it inspires – and even leads – our purpose and progress. Named in honor of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits whose work inspires Seattle University's mission today, the St. Ignatius Medal aims to recognize individuals within our community who have inspired us with their voluntarism, leadership, humility, and service and whose work has influenced profoundly the progress of the University.


 2015 St. Ignatius Medal Recipient: Anne Van Ness Farrell

Seattle University's highest honor was presented to Anne Van Ness Farrell, a model of sustainable change illuminating Seattle's future path and inspiring leaders.