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Welcome to Fall 2022 - News

Written by Seattle University Staff Council
October 7, 2022

SU Staff Council extends a very warm welcome to you as we begin this fall term. 

We are still seeking two individuals to serve on Staff Council in the academic non-exempt and student focus non-exempt areas. A Nominations ballot will be coming soon. 

We invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and questions with Staff Council in order to identify areas that need to be addressed. We will be sending another Staff Voices Survey to gather information soon.  

In the meantime, we welcome your feedback to Staff Council through any of the following methods:

We look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to working together with you in this new academic year.

Staff Council 2022-23

  • Academic Focus Area
    • Laura Hauck-Vixie (Exempt)
    • Angie Jenkins (Exempt)
    • Kim Thompson (Exempt)
    • Valerie Fisher (Non-Exempt)
    • Rachel Olson (Non-Exempt)
    • Non-Exempt person to be elected.
  • Student Focus Area
    • Corey Belser (Exempt)
    • Ashlee Day (Exempt)
    • Chuy Garcia (Non-Exempt)
    • Non-Exempt person to be elected.
  • Structural Area
    • Mike Mullen (Union)
    • Andrea Ross (Exempt)
    • Becky Rowe (Exempt)
    • Jessica Allen (Non-Exempt)
    • Lindsey Jeske (Non-Exempt)
  • At-Large Members
    • Dario Ogaz (Exempt)
    • Laura Reeve (Exempt)
    • Eli Christopher Voigt (Exempt)
    • Niall Quinn (Non-Exempt)
  • The 2022-2023 Staff Council Leadership:
    • Kit Morse – President (voted into 2nd 1-year term)
    • Stephanie Lewis – Vice President (voted into a 2-year term)
    • Carly Darcher – Secretary Treasurer (voted into a 2-year term)