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Steering Committee Update

Written by Staff Advisory Council Steering Committee
March 29, 2018

Dear Campus Colleagues,

As you are aware, we formed a steering committee this past Fall to research and make recommendations on the formation of a Staff Advisory Council (SAC) for Seattle University. A few months ago we received feedback this committee lacked broad representation of staff members on campus. As a result, we committed to adding additional representation and had a great response. Twenty-five additional staff members expressed interest in participating on the SAC steering committee, of which, we selected an additional six members to join this formation group. The focus over the next few months will be to host public forums on campus, develop an initial formation plan, determine the number of SAC elected seats and structure, and set up the election and selection process for campus staff to run for open seats on the SAC once launched.

The following staff have been invited to join this steering committee:

  1. Katie Bowler - Advancement Services Specialist, Office of Advancement
  2. Stephanie Lewis - Core Administrative Specialist, University Core
  3. Lilly Newell - Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, Arts & Sciences Advising Center
  4. Megan Otis - Web Support Specialist, Marketing and Communications
  5. Melissa Schade - Fellowships Coordinator, Office of Fellowships
  6. John Teegarden - Sr. Administrative Assistant, Math Department

These additional steering committee members bring the steering committee to a total of thirteen, whose focus is the pre-work to staging for a formal Staff Advisory Council early next Fall. This steering committee will disband following the inception of a campus-wide election and establishment of the official Staff Advisory Council.  At that time, we encourage all 25 applicants and others to consider running for a seat on the Staff Advisory Council.

Thank you to those who have stepped forward to serve Seattle University and your colleagues. We are counting on all of you to participate in the upcoming campus fora and engage in the dialogue specific to the SAC formation.

Thank you,

Staff Advisory Council Steering Committee

  • Michelle Clements, Human Resources
  • Eric Guerra, Athletics
  • Kent Koth, Center for Community Engagement
  • Mary Lou Moffat, Albers Business School
  • MK Smith, ITS
  • Dion Wade, Student Development
  • Leann Wagele, School of Law