Spring 2020 Staff Council Updates

Written by Seattle University Staff Council
June 30, 2020

Affirming Black Lives

  • Staff Council is committed to opposing racism, as stated in our letter on Affirming Black Lives.
  • Staff Council will continue to work on further tangible steps to carry out this commitment.

Covid-19, Virtual Campus, and University Re-Opening

  • Staff Council held a Special Meeting with University Leaders on May 6, 2020 to discuss staff concerns about Covid-19 and university financial/budget repositioning.
  • Leann Wagele, SUSC President, has been appointed to the President’s Reopening Task Force.
  • Staff Council has been asked to provide staff input about campus re-opening.  If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact us through one of the methods listed at the end of this message.

Staff Council Elections

Staff Council elections have been postponed so that all staff may participate in the full elections process.  Nominations for Staff Council will begin around August 24.  Elections will be held in the fall, with the next Council term beginning on November 1, 2020.


Staff Council Bylaws have been approved and are available on our Bylaws page.

New Staff Awards

Staff Council proposed three new staff recognition awards, which will be awarded in August this year.  In addition to the two existing staff awards for Excellence in Leadership (one for exempt staff, and one for non-exempt staff):

  • The Living the Mission Award – Recognizes an individual who exemplifies the university’s mission in outstanding ways, whether through their personal conduct, their treatment of others or their life choices.
  • The Spark of Spirit Award – Given to an individual who has had an uplifting and positive influence on colleagues across the university within the past year.
  • Outstanding Staff Team Award – Recognizes outstanding work performed by a team or group of three or more staff members on campus.

Kudos for Colleagues

  • Do you know a SU Staff member who deserves recognition?  Please visit the Kudos for Colleagues web page to share your appreciation and respect for a fellow staff person.
  • In the past three months, 41 staff members have been honored by kudos from their co-workers.  Staff Council offers our congratulations to all of the staff who have received kudos, and our thanks to all of the staff who have submitted kudos to support their colleagues.

Staff Council Meetings

  • Until further notice, Staff Council monthly meetings are held online as Zoom meetings.  Before each meeting, a Zoom link is posted in Campus Announcements, so that staff can observe the open portion of the meeting.
  • Minutes for all SUSC meetings are available on our Meetings page.

Input to Staff Council

We welcome your input.  If you wish to communicate with the Staff Council, you can email the entire Staff Council at staffcouncil@seattleu.edu, you can submit anonymous feedback using a form on our website or you can email individual members using the members list on our website.