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Seeking staff representative for Board of Trustees Committees

Written by Seattle University Staff Council
October 15, 2019

Dear Staff Colleagues:

Would you like to help represent staff voices and participate in our university’s shared governance?

The Staff Council is seeking Seattle U staff members who are interested in serving as non-voting staff representatives on the seven Board of Trustees standing committees for the current academic year 2019-20.

Board of Trustee Standing Committees for Staff Council Representatives

The BoT standing committees meet on the Wednesday prior to the regular Board of Trustees meetings on November 14th and February 13th.

The subcommittees and their meeting times are listed below:

  • Academic Affairs (Wed, 2-4pm)
    • This committee is responsible for the University's academic mission, execution of academic strategic priorities, and ensuring the quality and integrity of academic programs, including but not limited to providing oversight on academic program development, major academic initiatives, and similar matters.
  • Athletics Oversight (Wed, 4-6pm)
    • This committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the University's program of intercollegiate athletics.
  • Brand, Reputation and External Affairs (Wed, update: 2-4pm 4-6pm)
    • This committee provides oversight, support and advocacy in the areas of marketing, branding, reputation, communications, government affairs and external relations.
  • Facilities and Technology Infrastructure (no set date, early mornings)
    • This committee is responsible for Board oversight of planning, budgeting, construction, renovation, and maintenance of all University buildings, grounds, facilities and technology infrastructure and services.
  • Finance (Wed, 4-6pm)
    • This committee is responsible for safeguarding and monitoring the University's financial stability and long-term economic health, including but not limited to consideration of matters relating to business operations, administration, budgets, financing, and financial reserves.
  • Mission, Inclusion & Culture (Wed 2-4pm)
    • This committee is responsible to review and make recommendations and reports to the Board about the areas for which the Board has fiduciary responsibility in regard to the University's Catholic and Jesuit mission, its inclusive excellence and diversity, its campus culture and workforce excellence.
  • Student Development (Wed, 2-4pm)
    • This committee provides Board oversight to ensure the highest possible quality of student experience for University students, including their safety and wellbeing, and helps to foster programs that embody the Jesuit principles of educating the whole person, in and outside of the classroom.

If you are interested, please nominate yourself (with a short 50-100 word bio, particularly on your interest or suitability) to the specific subcommittee(s). Nominations should be emailed to by update: Monday, October 21 Friday, October 25th.

The Staff Council will develop a list of 3 potential staff representatives for each committee and, from that list, Fr. Steve and Board chair Nicole Piasecki will make the final staff representative selection.

Best wishes,

Seattle University Staff Council