Nominations for Staff Council are now closed

The deadline for nominations was Mon, Jan 14. The nomination period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated someone to run for a seat on the upcoming Staff Council.

Next steps

The Election Committee finished processing all of the nominations and finalized the voters' pamphlet which contains the headshots and personal statements for all 35 of the candidates.

The election pamphlet will be available electronically the week prior to the election so that all Seattle U staff will have time to read about all of the candidates prior to the election period (Mon, Jan 28–Fri, Feb 1). 

Click here to find out more about the Election and Voting Information. 

Who's Eligible for Staff Council?

Any full-time or regular part-time employee may be elected to the Staff Council if:

  • Their primary designation is staff rather than faculty or student
  • They've been employed by Seattle University for at least one (1) year
  • They are in good employment standing (not on a formal PIP)

Nondiscrimination Statement

The Staff Council shall not discriminate against any individuals for reasons of color, race, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, political ideology, national origin, marital and family status, veteran status, ability, genetic information or other categories routinely recognized by federal and local law.

How Many Seats Will There Be on the Staff Council?

  • 6 seats for Academic Focus Staff
    • 3 seats for exempt; 3 seats for nonexempt
  • 4 seats for Student Focus Staff
    • 2 seats for exempt; 2 seats for nonexempt
  • 5 seats for Administrative Operations Staff
    • 2 seats for exempt; 2 seats for nonexempt; 1 for union-represented staff
  • 4 seats for At-Large
    • At-Large seats will be appointed by the elected Staff Council in consultation with the Elections Committee
    • At-Large seats allow for increased diversity on the council and magnify voices of underrepresented groups on campus
  • 19 total seats
    • 7 exempt, 7 non-exempt, 1 union representative, 4 at-large

Find out more about the three campus areas here.