Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Our eighth meeting started with our check-in, reviewing our group norms, and a short icebreaker with the question “What is your favorite season?”

Leadership Team Report

  • Vacant Staff Council Position
    • With joy and sadness, the leadership team reported that ShanShan Tan has resigned from the University and has accepted another position. ShanShan held an Exempt, Academic seat.
    • The Bylaws Committee will meet and make a reservation for the process for filling the vacant position.
  • President Welcome Event in the Fall
    • We have been officially invited to give remarks for the September 20th event!
    • Any Staff Council members who are attending this event will be wearing name tags.
  • SU Board of Trustees Meeting
    • Leann Wagele, Staff Council President has been appointed as the Staff Representative.
    • This appointment will end in 2020 when the next Staff Council President would begin.
  • AcA meetings update
    • In last AcA meeting, there was a vote that a Staff Council ex-officio would attend the AcA meetings.
    • Katie Bowler, Staff Council Vice-President, will attend the first meeting and then delegate who in the Staff Council attends the rest.
    • There is still more to discuss regarding the time commitment for attending these meeting and the frequency of them.
  • Current/Upcoming requests to Attend SUSC meetings
    • The Staff Council learned and discussed requests for people/groups to attend SUSC meetings.
    • ITS will come to our November meeting to discuss the MySeattleU program.
    • HR will visit in October to speak about the state law related to family leave.
    • Other groups/people discussed to invite to a meeting were Cabinet members like Mary S. Petersen, Natasha Martin, CFO Wilson Garone plus Director of Public Safety, Craig Birklid.

Committee Reports

  • By-Laws Committee 
    • University Counsel, Mary S. Petersen impressed with what Staff Council proposed.
    • There are a few questions that have to be addressed within the by-Laws.
    • The Staff Council will approve the by-laws after this revision before the bylaws go back to Counsel for review.
  • Recognition and Appreciation
    •  Ice Cream Social on August 28th was a great success! Thank you to everyone!

Staff Voices Survey Analysis Discussion

  • Staff Voices Survey results
    • Discussed the Staff Voices Survey results and proceeding with next steps for addressing these results to the SU staff.
  • Committee Work
    • The staff council committees have been working on analyzing the survey results that pertain to that particular committee
    • Each committee has a deadline of October 2nd to provide a summary of the top three themes to the Leadership Team, who will then create an executive summary
  • Fall Sharing Sessions
    • Some of the discussion centered on what sort of meetings would occur in the Fall with the rest of the SU staff.
    • These will be called “Sharing Sessions” with a goal of having these starting in mid-October to end of October.
    • These sharing sessions would provide an opportunity for a brief update on the Staff Councils last few months of operation, relaying a high level summary of the survey and how the survey results will guide the work of the SU Staff Council, with the rest of the meeting to be an opportunity for listening.