Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2019

October 9, 2019

Our ninth meeting started with our check-in, and reviewing our group norms.

Leadership Team Report

  • Academic Assembly (AcA) update
    • Angie Jenkins will be point-person and Rosie Sabaric is backup.
    • Angie will give a brief update at each of the SUSC meetings
  • University of San Francisco (USF) Staff Council
    • USF is in the exploratory stages of starting a Staff Council so they requested a Zoom meeting with Leann and Katie to discuss the processes, successes, and challenges of getting the Seattle University Staff Council up and running
  • SU Benefit fair
    • SUSC will have a table at this event on October 31, 10am-1pm in STCN, which is sponsored by Human Resources
  • Executive Summary of Staff Voices Survey
    • Leadership Team is working on an executive summary draft with goal to complete by October 21
    • Leadership Team has regularly scheduled monthly meetings with Michelle Clements and this draft will be shared at this meeting occurring on October 21
    • Offered to share this with Cabinet once complete as well

Committee Updates

By-Laws Committee

Vote for final approval of SUSC bylaws

  • Unanimous approval of By-Laws as written
  • Can amend if necessary

Vacant Position Update

  • Overlap between approval of bylaws and filling position
  • Three options at this point based on bylaws
  • 1) Identify alternate from last election (next two highest, referenced Georgetown procedures for this)
    • The first alternate is still interested in this position
    • If alternate takes position, the person would fill this position until Spring 2021
    • Special election may have to happen if SUSC member leaves and so does their alternate
  • 2) Hold special election to fill vacant seat
  • 3) Leave seat empty until next election cycles
    • One staff council member, Luke Marney, recommended just going with alternate, Bernie and Rosie agreed
    • Elected position vacancy will be Toni Malaspino from College of Nursing, Toni will be invited to join us at next meeting

Communication Committee

Sharing sessions

  • Have to be pushed out to late October/early November
  • Need to be sure PowerPoint and Executive Summary are complete
  • Created a project spreadsheet to ensure who is doing what for the Sharing Sessions
  • If interest from other groups, can do a SUSC survey roadshow for feedback or further conversation

Mary Petersen, Vice President and University Counsel

  • Congratulations to all for getting SUSC up and running

Board of Trustees committees

  • Talked about appointment of one staff rep to each of the seven BOT committees
  • Need these names by end of October so they can be ready for November meetings
  • To make sure there are not duplicate names from people already sitting on the committees, SUSC will receive a list of those Staff members
  • Staff Council will send out email call for nominations
  • Working group formed to go through these nominations to move these names forward to Fr. Steve and the Chair of the Board for final selection

Strategic Planning Update and Discussion

  • SUSC welcomed members Kent Koth, Stephanie Lewis, and Bob Dullea of the Strategic Planning Committee to hear an update
  • Open fora happening soon for final draft to be submitted to Fr. Steve for approval by Nov. 1

LinkedIn Learning Update

  • Mary Dawson, Director of Human Resources talked about LinkedIn Learning being rolled out as a Professional Development tool
  • Table for this at benefits fair and plenty of information on the HR website
  • Guidelines for usage on the information page

Council response to parking policies

Carpooling regulations

  • Concerns coming to SUSC email about new carpooling regulations
  • Leadership Team will bring this up in next meeting with Michelle Clements
  • Craig Birklid or someone else from Transportation will be invited to discuss this so SUSC might better understand their process
  • Ideally, Staff Council should be consulted on these sorts of changes going forward