Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2019

November 13, 2019

After a brief check-in, and acknowledgement of our group norms, we welcomed new member Toni Malaspino joining us for the first time, as an Academic Exempt representative.

Leadership Team Report

  • Board of Trustess (BoT) Committees - Staff Representatives
    • Over 50 nominations were received. The BoT Committees Working Group combed through all of the nominations and submitted a short list of three staff members for each committee.
    • From the short list, President Sundborg and Board Chair, Nicole Piasecki, selected the individuals to be appointed as a staff representative to each of the 7 BoT standing committees.
    • Those who were selected were notified by the Board.
    • The Working Group was asked to take the lead on notifing those who were not selected.
    • Once those who were not selected are notified, then the Communication Committee will publish the names of those selected to serve on the website.
  • SU Benefits Fair
    • HR invited the SUSC to staff a table at the Benefits Fair on Halloween. Several SUSC members took one-hour shifts staffing the table. Leann thanked all who participated and heard great feedback about our involvement in the Benefits Fair.
  • Mission Day Planning Committee
    • The SUSC was asked for a representative to join the Mission Day Planning Committee. Arsenio Roddy-Little volunteered to join the Mission Day Planning Committee.
  • Capital University Inquiry
    • Capital University in Ohio reached out because they are looking to form a new staff council at their institution. The Leadership Team is scheduling a Zoom call with them.
  • Holiday Social
    • Leadership Team is exploring the possibility of holding a holiday social for the SUSC, pending budget approval from Michelle Clements, VP of HR. 

AcA Update

Angie Jenkins, who has been representing the SUSC as an ex officio member of Academic Assembly, gave a brief report on the AcA's recent activities, primarily their discussion of the Planned Parenthood issue. Leann and Angie also shared a handout of the AcA's motion on Planned Parenthood with the staff council.

Planned Parenthood Working Group

Given the council's limited meeting time but the urgency in responding to the Planned Parenthood issue, it was proposed that a small working group is formed to determine what the council's response will be, especially in response to the AcA's motion. Matt Burton volunteered to serve as the point person for this Staff Council working group.

Committee Updates

  • Recognition and Appreciation Committee
    • A major theme in the survey results is that staff would like more ways to be recognized beyond the two staff awards at the annual faculty and staff appreciation event. Michelle Clements encouraged us to create a proposal and so RAA is working on a proposal to Fr. Steve for additional types of staff awards that could be presented at the annual appreciation event. If anyone has any thoughts on what other types of awards we could propose be added, please contact Kit Morse.

Sharing Sessions

In preparation for the upcoming Staff Council Sharing Sessions (to share the Staff Voices survey results), the Council briefly reviewed and discussed the Executive Summary of the survey results, the agenda for the sharing sessions (including who will be facilitating, presenting, taking notes at each of the three sessions), and the draft of the PowerPoint presentation that will be used during the sharing sessions.

A draft of the executive summary had already been shared with Michelle Clements for her feedback, which will be revised, posted to the website, and shared with HR and the Cabinet. 

Chartwells Presentation/Discussion

The SUSC welcomed Dion Wade, new director of Campus Services, and Terry Conaty, new district manager for Chartwells, who is working from the SU campus. Dion and Terry shared that Chartwells is focusing on growth opportunities, responding to community concerns, becoming a part of the campus community, mending relationships and trust, improving quality of food and service, especially in terms of Catering. Staff Council members shared concerns they have heard from staff about Chartwells, including catering service, availability of special diets. Terry and Dion shared a few of the new changes, including mobile ordering with the Boost app, teaching kitchens and other on-campus events, chat back app for providing feedback, and the new Thrive station for food free of 9 major food allergens (with a self contained kitchen). Dion and Terry welcome feedback and the opportunity to rebuild trust in Chartwells food and service.

Public Safety Presentation/Discussion

The SUSC welcomed Craig Birklid, executive director of Public Safety. Craig began by sharing an update on-campus crime data/trends (including mental health related calls, bias-related incidents, property theft, email phishing scams, drug use, etc.), community events and trainings (including self-defense training, active shooter response training, first aid/CPR/AED training, "stop the bleed" trauma bleeding training, emergency kit building events, Campus Night Walk to identify safety issues on the campus grounds, etc.).

Then Craig shared updates on the new virtual permit system, the challenges that have been experienced thus far, and the adjustments the Transportation and Parking Office have taken and will take to address the challenges. The Staff Council encouraged Craig to share these updates more broadly so that the campus community is more aware of the modifications Public Safety has taken in response to feedback.