Meeting Minutes for July 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

Introduction /Group Norms

Warm welcome to SUSC members and visitors. 
Visitors are welcome to the open session and will be in an observational capacity.

Leadership Team Update

  • Administrative Support for SUSC: Eddie Salazar will be providing meeting support
  • Budget Approval for FY21: Michelle Clements has identified a budget for Staff Council
  • Bi-weekly LT meetings with Michelle Clements/Mary Dawson moving forward
  • LT Quarterly meeting with Pres. Sundborg & Michelle Clements: July 16
  • Cabinet Presentation/Update – July 21
  • Board of Trustees Committees – Staff Representatives nominated to seven committees
    • Open to all staff, not just staff council
    • Campus invitation will be in early August
  • Email Update (Katie) 
    • Overview of email messages received. 
    • Many related to concerns around re-opening

 Cabinet Update: Michelle Clements

  • Cabinet task force meets twice a day six days a week looking at every aspect of campus return
    • We are now in new budget year. Driven by enrollment:  875 confirmed first time in college, 110 below forecast.
    • Strategic planning process ongoing.
    • Deep focused dialogue around race issues, moving to action
    • Care for faculty and staff.
  • Fr. Steve and Shane have been working with state government along with other higher ed leaders
  • Facilities group has blueprinted every part of campus for capacity and spacing and are testing building airflow
    • Plexiglas in classrooms for teachers and reception areas as well as hand sanitizing stations
    • Bathrooms remain a challenge across campus.
  • Messaging all leaders to help with survey of their areas
    • Return to work safety guide to be distributed
    • Guidance to campus leaders for planning in their areas to provide flexibility re: work schedule
    • “De-densify” spaces by planning flexible schedules and work from home options, commuting
    • Work force plans to be submitted to Michelle Clements to oversee the whole 
  • Cultural norms to change in every way.
  • Emergency meetings are happening regarding whether or not we should re-open in fall
    • Concern with positive COVID cases at UW fraternity houses
  • Reentry plan for furloughed staff (11 furloughed returned early), the remainder return on Aug 3
  • For those continuing working at home, assessment of possible ergonomic needs
  • New staff award categories well-received 

Council Q&A to Michelle Clements and Mary Dawson

AcA Update: Angie Jenkins

  • Financial ramification re: enrollment
  • Entering deficit of $10 million = Res life $7 million and food $3 million
  • Unclear if Commencement can still happen in October
  • Natasha Martin and Alvin Sturdivant met with Black Student Union
  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • AcA has been meeting monthly instead of bi-weekly

Committee Updates

  • Nominations (Leann Wagele)
    • Nominations for staff council elections will happen in August
    • Board of Trustee Committees – will solicit nominations in August, as well
  • Communications (Rosie Sabaric)
    • Analytic log looking at site traffic
  • Recognition and Appreciation (Kit Morse)
    • Kudos for Colleagues has 60 postings

Affirming Black Lives Discussion

Inclusion & Community Committee – Chair, Matt Burton 

  • Affirming Black Lives – Tangible Actions
  • Introduction of ideas presented (Matt Burton shared comprehensive document)
  • Open discussion
    • Trainings? Campus resources?
    • Recruiting a more diverse staff council?
    • Survey areas on campus to explore existing resources
    • How to change culture
    • Partnering HR & Office of Diversity and Inclusion and many others
    • Next steps?

Title IX Update

Andrea Herrera Katahira, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity,
Chief EEO Officer, Title IX Coordinator, ADA/504 Coordinator

New title IX rule takes effect August 14 (Lawsuits may cause injunction) Biden vows rescinding new rule

  • Limits what falls under title IX
  • Must happen on campus or campus event, otherwise dismissed
  • Sexual harassment must be severe (higher standard)
  • Narrows to complainants and respondents to “current” parties
  • Live hearings must include cross examination
  • University must provide legal representation if requested

Proposal - Meeting twice in August with shorter meetings, and move September meeting later in the month due to Sept. 9 opening

Leadership Team will send out Doodle poll with date options