Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

January 8, 2020

Began with a brief check-in and acknowledgment of our group norms.

Leadership Team Report

  • University Technology Committee Appointment
    • Luke Marney will be the staff representative on the University Technology Committee
  • Communications Committee Chair
    • Rosie Sabaric is chair of the Communications Committee as of January 7. The council thanks Megan Otis for her service as original chair of the committee.
  • Leadership Team meeting with President Sundborg and VP of HR, Michelle Clements.
    • Fr. Steve encouraged the Staff Council to be mission- and student-centered in its purpose.
    • Michelle Clements will be the official Cabinet liaison for SUSC.
  • Leadership Team Presentation to Cabinet
    • The Leadership Team will present information on the Staff Voices Survey and invite partnership in advancing our priorities.
  • Presidential Search Committee Update
    • Luke & Rosie will coordinate soliciting more names.

Open Meeting Discussion Proposal

The Open Meeting Working Group proposed the following definitions to format agendas for Staff Council meetings:

  • Open Session is a portion of the meeting that campus community members may attend in order to observe the discussions of the council. Comments are allowed with prior consent of the SUSC President. Open session discussions will occur at the beginning of most meetings. 
  • Closed Session is a fixed period set aside for candid discussion among council members without external community members in attendance. Agendas provided ahead of the meeting will note if/when open session ends and closed session will begin. 
  • Executive Session is an optional session used for specific items flagged as confidential.

The council moved to adopt these definitions of open, closed, and executive session, and unanimously adopted this proposal as written so meetings will be open going forward.

The Communications Committee will communicate this decision to University staff and the Bylaws Committee will identify any necessary changes to the council bylaws.

Current Committee Projects

Recognition & Appreciation Committee

  • The committee is testing an online system through which staff members can send recognition to each other.
  • A proposal for three new staff awards has been presented to Michelle Clements and will be presented to President Sundborg by the Leadership Team.
  • Council members suggested having a winter social event and a welcome to new staff.

Community and Inclusion Community

  • The committee has begun work on lactation spaces, creating smaller group discussions following larger campus events, collecting resources for trans/affinity groups, anti-bias info, and is exploring the possibility of having a Staff Ombudsperson.
  • Because of input from a Council member, a staff person was added to the Strategic Directions Convocation panel.

Professional Development Committee

  • Supervisor training is desired for managers of both professional and student staff.
  • Funding and time for professional development vary across campus. Staff Council hopes to be a resource to help people access funding.
  • There is a strong desire to promote career ladders so staff who advance professionally may remain at the university.

Review, Compensation and Benefits Committee

  • Staff remain concerned about compensation and the merit-based pay review process.
  • The committee will work with HR to explore the development of a university-wide policy on flexible work schedules.

Communications Committee

  • The committee is finalizing work to post results of the Staff Voices Survey.
  • The committee is developing a plan for timely and regular communication to the campus community.
  • The committee is planning to create an operations manual recording the processes we have used to pass along to future SUSC members.

By-Laws Committee

  • The bylaws previously approved by the council are awaiting confirmation from University Legal Counsel.
  • This committee will transition to an Elections Committee. The current council term ends on June 30.

Common Themes from Committee Reports

  • Multiple committees mentioned topics such as flexible work schedules and supervisor training. We will decide which committee best fits the topic and that committee will take the lead in coordinating related efforts.
  • The Staff Council is interested in inviting non-SUSC staff members to join our committees. Would these staff be general committee members or work on specific projects? Each committee will discuss their needs and committee chairs will meet together to discuss.
  • Committees should document their work and processes to leave as legacy information for future years.