Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020

Absent Members:  Rebecca Severson, Megan Otis

Guest Attendance: Two staff members attending as observers.

Introduction /Welcome/Acknowledgment of Group Norms

Leadership Team Report 

  • Management/Operations of SC meetings going forward
    • Katie will be timekeeper during meetings.
  • Presidential Search Committee – update
    • Staff Council has forwarded candidates to the Presidential Search Committee, and that committee has selected a staff representative, pending approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • Strategic Planning Council appointments
    • The Strategic Planning Council has appointed the Staff Council president and vice president as members of the SPC.
  • Campus Leadership Group for Planned Parenthood Issue – additional staff council appointment (Action)
    • This is the working group resulting from the AcA and SUSC motions. Leann is a member as Staff Council president.  There is an opening for one more council representative.   Members should contact Leann if they are interested.
  • SUSC Email Management
    • Katie will be taking over management of the SUSC email inbox.
    • If someone is sending an email from the Staff Council, please BCC ‘Staff Council’ so that there is record of any communications outbound from SUSC email.
  • Board of Trustee Meeting, Feb. 13
    • Leann attended as a staff representative in her capacity as President.
  • New Staff Orientation – SUSC Involvement
    • HR is updating the New Staff Orientation and has invited an SUSC member to attend a 15 minute timeslot once per month. Katie will attend in April, Leann attend in May.  If other members are interested in future months, please contact Leann. 

Additional Discussion

  • Campus Committees & SUSC Leadership Team Workload
    • An increasing number of campus committees are requesting that the Staff Council officers serve as a member. It is good progress that campus groups are now seeking to include staff representation.  Can other council members share this role in representing SUSC on campus committees? 
    • SUSC president and vice president already have a high work load. SUSC officers do not get any work release for their service.  Compensation is also an issue, especially for non-exempt staff.  Administrative assistance would be very helpful.
  • SUSC Cabinet Liaison
    • A question was raised about whether the council’s Cabinet liaison will attend council meetings.

Committee Reports

  • Recognition and Appreciation Committee (RAA)
    • A recommendation for additional staff awards will be presented to Fr. Steve and Michelle Clements on 2/24.
    • The internal test of Kudos for Colleagues was successful. The council unanimously approved a motion to open the system campus-wide. 
    • Next step for RAA is to collect information on how various departments do appreciation and create a database of ideas that can be shared.
    • Kit is working to document processes as a record for future years.
    • The LT is advocating for a representative from RAA to be part of the awards selection process
  • Review, Compensation & Benefits Committee (RBC)
    • RBC committee has set up monthly meetings with representatives from HR. RBC would like to assist in communication between HR and staff.   There is a need for clarity about where to find information. 
    • Are there non-monetary benefits that help with retention and recruitment?
    • Compensation and flexible work schedules are topics that overlap with other committees.
  • Communications Committee
    • Rosie is exploring ways to create and store legacy documents

Closed Session

Leadership Team Report (continued)

  • SUSC will meet with Presidential Search Firm on March 19, 2-3 pm
  • Leadership Team Meeting with University Cabinet
    • LT updated the Cabinet with information from our sharing sessions. Cabinet was positive about work done by Staff Council. 
    • Fr. Steve asked if SUSC should consider the creation of a committee related to Mission & Student Experience. Council members discussed how mission and students are a part of the work of all committees.
    • Provost’s office has begun conversations about faculty-staff relations. Council members will seek to be connected into that conversation wherever possible.
    • Natasha Martin wants to bolster affinity groups. The Inclusion & Community committee will seek to coordinate with her.
    • Cabinet has received the results from the Staff Voices survey.

Staff Council Member Terms

  • Distribution of 1-year and 2-year terms
    • Members of each focus area reviewed which members are serving 1-year or 2-year terms.
  • Examine Committee membership structure
    • Some committees have few 2-year members who will be continuing next year. The council needs to have a good balance of continuing members on committees.  Continuing members may change committees if needed.  Retiring members can assist in sharing knowledge with next year’s committees. 
    • Leann asked for volunteers to serve on the committee.
  • Call for volunteers for Nominations/Elections Committee

Leadership Meeting with Cabinet (continued discussion on mission and student focus)

  • Staff are integral to student experience. Staff in support roles serve students even if they are not in student-facing positions.  Council members invite University leaders to recognize and articulate the dedicated service that staff provide to students.
  • As a governance body, how can we connect with student governance bodies?
    • Invite SGSU to present info about their State of the Student Survey.
    • Invite representatives of SGSU and GSC to meet with us.
  • Each council committee can work on a vision statement regarding how it serves the University’s mission and students.

Burning Issues:

Are there any issues you are hearing about or that you’d like to share with the staff council?   

Topics discussed: budget cuts, faculty-staff relations.