Meeting Minutes for December 11, 2019

December 11, 2019

After a brief check-in, and acknowledgment of our group norms, we moved on to the rest of SUSC regular reporting. 

Leadership Team Report

  • Survey/Sharing Sessions Follow-up
    • Thanks to all for participating! 
    • Thanks to Erin and Katie for moderating last two sessions and to Committee Chairs for pulling content together.
    • Received great feedback from Cabinet members.
    • LT could be meeting with Cabinet as early as next week.
    • Megan is working on a summary of the Sharing Sessions
  • Board of Trustee Meeting, November 14th
    • Board approved a revised budget for the current fiscal year. 
    • Fr. Steve gave an update on the Strategic Directions- formerly known as Strategic Plan
    • Some SUSC members said they would enjoy hearing perspectives from Staff Representatives who were selected to serve on the Board Committees
  • SUSC Budget Proposal and Leadership Team meeting with CFO
    • SUSC received a budget approval of $3000 for FY21
    • Named importance of getting administrative support at some point and LT will continue making this case to Cabinet
  • Leadership Team Meeting with President Sundborg and Michelle Clements
    • LT will meet with both to discuss the results of the survey and sharing sessions
    • Fr. Steve wants to also prepare Leadership Team for Cabinet meeting

AcA Update

Angie Jenkins, who has been representing the SUSC as an ex officio member of the Academic Assembly, gave a brief report on the AcA's recent activities, primarily their discussion of the university budget, recruiting/enrollment plans, AcA asking for visibility of full university budget. SUSC will plan to ask for this also. AcA did a faculty survey and identified the following priorities: University budget, compensation, workload inequities, evaluations, non-tenure track issues. Wilson will also come to meet with SUSC. 

Committee Updates

  • Recognition and Appreciation Committee
    • The committee will consult with HR to see if there could be more money available for staff recognition
    • The RA Committee named additional awards to propose to Fr. Steve for the Staff-Faculty year-end recognition event suggested and that the monetary awards should be spilt from the $4,000 currently existing. Also exploring other possibilities for staff recognition.
    • Conducted an internal test of online platform to give kudos to other staff on campus. Currently called "Appreciate a Colleague" but open to other ideas

SUSC Draft Motion on Planned Parenthood

Five members met to create a motion as a statement from SUSC about Planned Parenthood. This working group used the minutes from SUSC meeting with Fr. Steve and Provost Martin. The presented motion passed. SUSC Approved Motion on Planned Parenthood in it's entirety. (I have to figure out how to link this)

Open Meeting Discussion

SUSC had another discussion about open meetings to close loop on previous conversations. There is a strong feeling from some in the campus community that we need to have open meetings. Academic Assembly has meetings that are open for faculty to attend. Some members of the staff council said the entire meeting should be open, while others said that the ability to have confidential conversations was also important. A small working group was formed to explore different models and will draft a proposal for further discussion at the next meeting.

Presidential Search Process

The SUSC welcomed University Council, Mary Peterson to hear about the upcoming Presidential Search process. The Board is moving towards having a larger Search Committee because of the focus on shared governance. The Board is collecting nominations from stakeholder groups.  One staff person will be appointed to the Search Committee by the Board.

University Technology Committee

The SUSC welcome, VP and Chief Information Officer, Chris Van Liew. Chris came to speak with SUSC about the University Technology Committee and tech governance. They are trying to improve these committees and the University Technology Committee is new. They want to have a cross-functional group of community members. Cabinet has agreed to the UTC and it will include some current committee members and a member of SUSC or other staff. The committee will play a strategic role and will serve as a group that gives final feedback and approval to Cabinet.