Meeting Minutes for August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020

Introduction /Group Norms

University Updates:

Michelle Clements, Vice President of Human Resources

  • Most employees will remain working remotely, with varied work schedules
    Feedback from Staff Council was important catalyst to the reworking of the flex work agreement
  • It has been over one year since the inception of the new Staff Council and the Staff Council’s work has been invaluable to the university
  • There is a desire for more resources for training staff in remote settings such as Teams, program planning, etc.
  • This fall, open enrollment for benefits will be virtual and there will be on-campus options for flu shots

Student Services & Programming Updates:

Joelle Pretty, Assistant Provost, Student Academic Engagement

  • The university has reconfigured individual study rooms in Lemieux Learning Commons for students to access
  • Plan for booking of study rooms in Library with enough time in between to clean the spaces
  • In-person exams are being explored with Disabilities Services

Alvin Sturdivant, Vice President of Student Development: 

  • Currently, there are 833 students who have committed to living in university-owned housing (Chardin and YOBI set aside for quarantine)
  • They will focus on residents who will have roommates (132 that specifically requested) to ensure that they can access separate spaces when necessary
  • The Student Center will have some limited area openings, including the HUB, and dining will be operational only at Cherry Street
  • On-campus students will be offered a robust set of in-person and virtual programming
  • Health Center will be operational to meet with students in-person and using tele-health appointments (for those in Washington state)
  • CAPS is available for tele-health appointments for in-state students
  • The Food Pantry in the Office of Multicultural Affairs Office is operational
    Eisminger Center will remain closed due to current state workout facilities guidelines
  • The university is considering student transportation options such as the use of Public Safety vehicles but those options are yet to be determined
  • Seattle University has a contract with private lab for COVID-19 testing of students through Health Center
  • The possibility of COVID testing is being explored for faculty/staff is in process with HR
  • Health Center, Public Safety, and Dean of Students will monitor students in quarantine, including contact tracing
  • Chartwells can deliver hot food and groceries to students in quarantine
  • Fr. Steve and Shane Martin are considering options for restarting Mass on campus in the Reopening Taskforce as there has been a request from the Rector to offer Mass. 
    • One top concern is the poor ventilation in the Chapel of St. Ignatius
  • Masks will be always required except in residences, private offices, and while eating at C-Street
  • Signage at Vi Hilbert and Douglas to be reviewed 

Committee Updates

Nominations/Elections Update

  • Staff Council Election Forum announcement will come out next week to solicit nominations of new Staff Council members
  • New Staff Council will begin on November 1st

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update & Next Steps (Bernie Liang/Matt Burton): 

  • The Inclusion and Community Committee will be contacting Natasha Martin, Kent Koth and Mary Dawson to grow relationships and gather input on possible next steps for Staff Council
  • Bernie found an appropriate DEI training to consider through Linked-In Learning, which Staff Council will review together at the next meeting

 Academic Calendar Review Committee Update 

  • The Committee is interested in how the Academic Calendar impacts staff so there was a survey developed, sent to division heads to forward to staff, and is requesting SUSC to forward the link as well
    • Additionally, Morgan Frost compiled email lists and sent the survey to the all-admin listserv
  • Feedback and input on this process can also be offered using the ACR website
  • It was expressed that there was confusion because there was more than one survey sent out to campus
  • Many questions arose regarding quarter/semester impacts, both costs and benefits

 Other reminders

  • Next meeting – September 16, Wednesday, 1:00