Meeting Minutes for August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019

During the seventh meeting, the SUSC started with a check-in and a short ice breaker, reviewed the group norms, the Leadership Team, By-Laws Committee, Communication Committee and the Recognition and Appreciation Committee each gave a short report, followed by a conversation to debrief and reflect on our experiences during the first 6 months of the SUSC.

Leadership Team Report

  • Budget Update
    • Michelle Clements has asked us to start working on a budget proposal for the staff council to be considered by the Cabinet in next year's budget cycle.
  • Service Day
    • Katie shared that there's a potential opportunity for a member of the Staff Council to represent the SUSC and participate in planning meetings around Service Day with HR and CCE.
  • President's Welcome Event in the Fall
    • Leann has reached out to the President's Office to see if there is an opportunity for the Staff Council to be involved or participate in the upcoming President's Welcome event. 

Committee Updates

  • By-Laws Committee
    • Mary Petersen, University Counsel, has responded to our proposed by-laws with a few clarifying questions regarding eligibility and membership. The committee is working on an updated draft in response to Mary's questions.
  • Communication Committee - survey update
    • The Staff Voices Survey was open for about a month (from 7/15 to 8/9) and we sent two reminder emails, one a week prior to the deadline and one a day prior to the deadline; we received just a shade under 50% of all staff response rate.
    • We’ve uploaded all of the survey data to Canvas, and ask that each committee take the lead in analyzing the data collected in response to the questions each committee contributed to the survey.
    • We'd like each committee to summarize what they heard from staff in the survey, the common themes that we see in the responses, and what each committee intends on doing in response to the data we collected.
    • After each committee has analyzed their survey data, the Comm Comm would like to create a short (1-2 pages) executive summary, along with a Power Point presentation, to share the survey results with campus at some in-person events this fall. 
  • Recognition and Appreciation (RAA) Committee
    • The RAA committee is planning a summer social/appreciation event for all staff on August 28 at 3:30 in the Quad (Student Center 160 booked as an alternative site in case of rain). Email communication to staff to follow soon.
    • The RAA would like to create a form on our website to collect and share appreciation and acknowledgment for staff.

Staff Council Six Month Debrief and Looking Ahead

  • As reflection is such a core aspect of our Jesuit identity, the Staff Council took time to reflect on our experiences as Staff Councilors during our first six months, and spent time in dialogue about how we want to move forward from here.