Meetings and Materials


The Staff Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 1-3 pm and a portion of the meetings are open for observation to all members of the SU staff community. Staff members who are not elected representatives may address the council by advance request to the council president.

In addition to the open sessions, the council meetings will normally include a portion in closed session, which will occur at the end of each meeting. Closed Session is a fixed period set aside for candid discussion among council members without external community members in attendance. Agendas provided ahead of the meeting will note when open session and closed session will occur 

Meeting agendas will be available online before each meeting on this page. Please note the Staff Council group norms, which guide our meetings.

Meeting Schedule for Academic Year 2020-2021

  • 7/8/2020, Zoom meeting 1-3PM
  • All other dates for the 2020-2021 are still to be determined

Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Meeting: Staff Council Mtg Agenda 7.8.2020

President Sundborg's Charge to the Staff Council

At the first meeting on March 1, 2019, Seattle University President, Fr. Sundborg, gave the Staff Council the following charge.

  1. Provide a collective voice for all staff at Seattle U.
  2. Bring forward recommendations to the administration that we think are important to bring forward on behalf of the staff community.
  3. Articulate and develop better the role of staff in fulfilling the mission of the university.
  4. Advocate for the general wellbeing of our staff colleagues – in terms of onboarding, working conditions, supervision, professional development, recognition, and general university culture.
  5. Be a formal part of the university’s shared governance structures (along with Academic Assembly, Student Government, Board of Trustees, etc.)
  6. Delineate the priorities of the staff community.
  7. Develop an organized process for the Staff Council to consult on, nominate, and appoint staff for service on committees, searches.