The Staff Council identified some of its major priorities and created several committees in order to address these priorities.

Nominations, Elections, and By-Laws

This committee is facilitating the finalization of the SUSC's By-Laws.

  • Point person: Kari Langsea


This committee helps to facilitate open and transparent communication 1) internally within the SUSC, 2) in-bound from the campus community to the SUSC, and 3) out-bound from the SUSC to the campus community.

  • Point person: Carly Darcher or Dario Ogaz

Committee on Appointments

  • Point person: Kit Morse

Inclusion and Community

This committee believes that respect is mission-essential to Seattle University, and will work to identify specific issues, draft possible solutions, and create a more inclusive and community-focused campus.

  • Point person: Matthew Burton or Christina Juarez

Review, Benefits and Compensation

This committee will highlight the priorities of Seattle University staff and ensure that Seattle U will continue to develop compensation and benefit programs that are attractive, promote retention, and adequately reward our talented and diverse staff members.

  • Point person: Stephanie Lewis or Laura Hauck-Vixie

Staff and Faculty Interactions

The committee seeks to improve communication, understanding, and respect between Seattle University staff and faculty, so that all can work together harmoniously toward the University's mission, vision, and goals.

  • Point person: Eunice MacGill

Staff Recognition and Appreciation

The SUSC Recognition/Appreciation Committee will explore the different ways that staff can be recognized and appreciated by supervisors, colleagues, and friends on the Seattle University campus. With all the outstanding contributions that staff members make to the university on a daily basis, we need to celebrate our excellence more frequently!

  • Point person: Kit Morse