Summer Faculty Fellowship

Summer Faculty Fellowships - 2018


This program provides financial support for tenure-track or tenured faculty and full-time librarians who are involved in an active program of scholarship, including the scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching.

The program’s goal is to support faculty efforts to build on previous scholarly or creative endeavors (e.g. for the writing of grant proposals) or to move projects in a new direction (providing the basis for future external support or publications).

The following are this year’s recipients and the titles of their projects: 

Eric Bahuaud, Ph.D. (Science & Engineering) “Perturbative Methods in Differential Geometry”

Steven Bender, J.D. (School of Law) “Social Impact Advocacy: Transforming Legal Education Toward Meaningful Social Change”

Molly Clark-Hillard, Ph.D. (Arts& Sciences) “Literary Subjects: Re-Reading the Victorians”

Serena Cosgrove, Ph.D. (Arts & Sciences) “Surviving the Americas: Resilience and Garifuna Culture in Nicaragua”

Kristen Hultgren Ph.D. (Science & Engineering) “The Evolution of Specialized Host Associations in a Megadiverse Group of Tropical Snapping Shrimps (Family Alpheidae)”

Matthew Isaac, Ph.D. (Albers School of Business) “Is Top 10 Better than Top 10%? How Different Rank Claim Formats Influence Preference”

Brett Kaiser, Ph.D. (Science & Engineering) “Development of Computationally Designed Protein Scaffolds”

Lin Li, Ph.D.  (Science & Engineering) “Automated Detection of Retinal Lesions for Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy”

Yitan Li, Ph.D. (Arts & Sciences) “Unification through Changing Discourse or by Force? Cross-strait Relations after China’s 19th Party Congress”

Rick Malleus, Ph.D. (Arts & Sciences) “Communicating Xenophobia: Perceptions of China and the Chinese in Zimbabwean Culture”

Patrick Murphy, Ph.D. (Nursing) “Chaperone-Mediated Baculoviral Expression of Eukaryotic Transcription Factors: Developing a Novel Biological Technique with Commercial Applications”

Jonathan Pierce, Ph.D.  (Arts & Sciences) “Emotion, Public Policy, and Environmental Sustainability”

Claus Portner, Ph.D. (Albers School of Business) “Urban Fertility Transitions Across Regions”

If you are interested in applying for a 2019 fellowship, note that the call for applications will go out in early Fall, 2018. Information and the application will be available on this website.