Proposal Submission Process

Proposal Submission Process

Please submit your PTF with final versions of all sponsor-required and SU-required forms and documentation 5 business days before the sponsor/collaborator deadline.

  • Email the fully signed PTF package and documents to your assigned SRO or bring hard copies to the OSP office in USVC 203.

  • OSP will review the proposal to ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines and institutional policies.

  • OSP will facilitate CFR review and signature for applications to private funders and Controller’s signature if a cost share is involved.

  • OSP will sign and facilitate the signature of our Authorized Organizational Representative.

  • After the PTF is fully signed, a full copy will be scanned and the lead PI will be notified.

  • The proposal can now be submitted to the sponsor using their preferred platform. 

    • OSP, PI and CFR will work together to decide who submits based on nature of sponsor.

NEXT STEP - Congratulations & best of luck on your proposal! Please be sure to contact OSP as soon as you receive a determination on your proposal from the sponsor.