Proposal Guide for Sponsored Projects

Proposal Guide for Sponsored Projects

The following is a guide to help you find funding and prepare and submit a grant application - including letters of intent, pre-proposals, and full proposals. The sooner that the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) can be notified of your intent to submit a proposal, the more time we will have to provide support for your work including   proposal and budget development, compliance with sponsor and university policies and guidelines, and connecting with partners within or outside the university - we recommend at least 6 weeks.

Regardless of your notification date, OSP requires all  fully completed proposals be sent to our office 5 business days before the proposal due date to allow enough time for a compliance review and sign-off by SU's authorized organizational representative—a university requirement on all proposals.

Below is a guide intended to facilitate the different stages of proposal development and submission.


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How To Find External Funding for your Research or Project

Determine Eligibility

Notification of Intent to Submit

Compliance Assessment

Prepare Application

Budget Development

Proposal Submission Process