Manage an Award

The "post-award" stages of a sponsored project begins with the notice of award from a sponsor, includes the management of the project and funds, and ends with the closeout of the award with the sponsor and internally. The following webpages are designed to assist Principal Investigators/Project Directors, sponsored project staff, and Activity Managers to carry out the project.

 The OSP staff provides support and assistance with:

  • Negotiation and acceptance of new awards
  • Requesting a new financial account for the external funds to be tracked
  • Orienting the sponsored project staff with the award’s terms and conditions and related SU policies and procedures
  • Facilitating requests and communication with the sponsor, as needed
  • Providing compliance guidance with your award throughout its life
  • Reviewing sponsor-required reports prior to submission

All new award agreements, amendments, contracts or subcontracts with an external entity require approval from our institution’s authorized organizational representative (AOR). At SU, this authority is delegated to the Provost and the review process is coordinated by OSP (see the Document Review and Signature Authority Policy).