Pilot Initiative on Anti-Racist Education: Curriculum Development Cohort

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Applications due by noon on Monday, June 21, 2021

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The Office of the Provost in partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Office of Sponsored Projects seeks applications to support its commitment to anti-racist education in furtherance of Goal 1 of the University’s Strategic Directions and LIFT SU. This pilot program is an initial step forward in the more comprehensive endeavor of Reimagining and Revising Our Curriculum. The program aims to support the development and enhancement of curricula through an anti-racist lens. The goal of this pilot grant program is to encourage innovation, inspire creativity, and strengthen anti-racism literacy as a key feature of our approach to Jesuit education.

Over summer 2021, projects should focus on integrating anti-racism into curricula, and can comprise a variety of pursuits including developing, updating, or redesigning course content, syllabi, or pedagogy, conducting anti-racism literature review with specific application to course design and delivery, developing critical consciousness to better equip to advance racial equity in curricula, a combination of those, or a similar project of your own ingenuity. Members of this pilot cohort will be expected to participate in a summer professional development session and to participate in organized event(s) focused on disseminating what you have learned and incorporated or plan to incorporate into your courses in the coming academic year (e.g. participate on a panel, informal discussions, contribute to a resource collection for broader institutional use). 

The Provost’s Initiative on Anti-Racist Education: Curriculum Development Cohort will inform shared understanding of anti-racist education at Seattle University, grow our capacity to advance it through high-impact practice, and contribute to institutional efforts to realize our Strategic Vision of becoming “one of the most innovative and progressive Jesuit and Catholic universities in the world, educating with excellence at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels."

This program will provide salary support in the amount of $3,000 paid during summer 2021.


  • All full-time faculty
  • Applications from individuals and collaborations (i.e. joint efforts; mentor/mentee, cross-disciplinary partners, etc.) will be considered.
  • Faculty receiving funding from another SU program or external source to pursue a similar or related endeavor are not eligible.
  • Full-time employment the subsequent year is required for receipt of funds (faculty on sabbatical will be counted as full-time employees during their sabbatical).

Proposal Format

The application is a brief Qualtrics form with the following questions:

  • Name, title, department
  • Abstract of the project (100 words or less)
  • Introduction, significance and purpose of the project (250 words or less)
    • How does the project contribute to advancing the purposes of this grant program including your capacity to deliver anti-racist education in the curriculum through your course(s)?
  • Description of the project, including goals and expected results (500 words or less)
    • Description of the proposed course design or revision and how you will integrate anti-racist principles and practices into course content and/or pedagogical approach.
    • How does the proposed project illuminate, address, and expand knowledge on issues of racism, racial inequality, and racial injustice (including complex intersectional and structural dynamics) for the ultimate benefit of students learning and engagement?
    • Please provide a project timeline for integrating your project goals into your course(s).
  • Benefits of the project to students’ academic growth, specifically how the program relates to the Strategic Direction of reimagining and revising the curriculum to be responsive to the changing needs of students in the context of SU’s educational mission and values, and to the goals of LIFT SU. (250 words or less).
  • Benefits of the project to your teaching and learning, specifically your ability to teach through anti-racist and culturally relevant lenses, and how this will advance your professional development. (250 words or less).
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about your proposal for consideration?
  • Upload: Course Syllabus or other supportive course related information relevant to the project proposal - Include only if project is related to a specific course

 Please submit the completed proposal by 12:00pm (noon) on Monday, June 21, 2021.

 Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged on the following criteria (see rubric on following page):

  1. Clarity of proposal (10 )
    1. Clarity of the centrality of antiracism in the proposed course or educational goal of the project.
    2. Clarity of proposed curriculum design or updates and their relevance, particularly in relation to anti-racist principles and practices, to the course.
    3. Clarity of the proposal for readers not in the applicant's discipline.
  2. Project’s potential to advance the aims of the Pilot Initiative program to enhance student learning and engagement through anti-racist education in furtherance of Goal 1 of the University’s Strategic Directions and LIFT SU (10 pts)
  3. Project’s potential to grow applicant’s capacity to make curricular changes in content consistent with the purposes of grant program (10 pts)
  4. Realistic project completion timeline for incorporating enhancements in course(s) (5 pts)

 Announcement of Awards

 Applicants will be notified of decisions by Monday, June 28, 2021.

 Questions? Please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects – osp@seattleu.edu

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