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Visit our Curated Funding Database page for over 250 opportunities filterable by discipline and/or theme. 

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GrantForward, a funding opportunity database and recommendation service designed specifically for academic research, is available to all SU community members - faculty, staff and students. GrantForward has many helpful features, including a dynamic search engine with customizable filters and mechanisms for developing regular funding alerts that are sent directly to you on a regular basis of your choosing. An overview about GrantForward with instructions for getting started is available here, with additional step-by-step guides available here. You can also visit our GrantForward page here

If you would like OSP support in setting up your GrantForward profile, complete this brief form and/or reach out to OSP.

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Sponsored Research Officers are available to discuss your research agenda and assist in identifying applicable funding opportunities.  Please contact the OSP to schedule an appointment.

Once you have found a compatible proposal opportunity, please complete our online notification form:

 Note: All letters of intent, pre-proposals, subaward commitments and proposals require SU's internal approval and sign off by our authorized organizational representative prior to submission.