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OSP Office Hours

Getting Started with GrantForward

In partnership with the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Tuesday, March 1, 12:30-1:30pm

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Stop by this quarter's OSP Office Hours to get started with GrantForward, a funding search database subscription service available to the SU community. After a brief tour of GrantForward’s many features, OSP staff will be available in this hands-on session to assist you with setting up and optimizing your researcher profile, creating saved searches, and/or setting alerts. Whether you are just getting started or would like to reserve dedicated time to spend with GrantForward, all are welcome to join for any portion of this hour that suits your schedule.  

  • To set-up your researcher profile, please have a PDF of your current CV or list of publications, or the link to a webpage with your CV/list of publications handy – GrantForward will use this information to generate a list of initial keywords, which you can then edit.
  • If you would like a refresher on creating keywords and conducting funding searches, materials from our Fall Faculty Workshop “Identifying Funding Opportunities” are available here.

Lightning Talks

Anti-Racist Education: Curriculum Development Cohort 

Thursday, February 3rd, 12:30-1:30pm

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Join us for the winter quarter session of the OSP Lightning Talks!  Colleagues in the Pilot Initiative on Anti-Racist Education: Curriculum Development Cohort will present their work in this packed session.  Presented in partnership with the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Provost. Speakers include:

  • Benjamin Suriano, Albers School of Business & Economics, Racial Inequality and the Economic Structure of Capitalism: Proposing a New Course for the School of Business and Economics 
  • Anne Farina and Estella Williamson, College of Arts & Sciences, Creating a Workshop for MSW Students on Building Resilience Against the Impacts of Racialized Trauma on Learning 
  • Hazel Hahn, Henry Kamerling and Randall Souza, College of Arts & Sciences, Building anti-racist curriculum resources for introductory-level History courses 
  • Kumhee Ro, College of Nursing, Addressing Health Disparities: A Pilot Project in Nursing Pharmacology
  • Jaisy Joseph, College of Arts & Sciences, Exploring Embodied Pedagogy: Racial Trauma Theory in the Classroom 
  • Rashmi Chordiya, College of Arts & Sciences, Embodied Pedagogy: Holding Space for Healing Centered Learning 
  • Joseph DeFilippis, College of Arts & Sciences, New Course: A People’s History of U.S. Social Policy and Social Movements 
  • HJ Kim and Sabrina Diffendaffer, College of Nursing, Integrating Social Justice and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into Mental Health Nursing Theory Curriculum 

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Faculty Research Lightning Talks


Faculty Research Lightning Talks

October 28th 12:30pm-1:30pm

Via Zoom (RSVP here)

Please join us for the Fall Quarter’s Lightning Talks!  This round of Lightning Talks will focus on the work of our 2021 Summer Faculty Fellows as they present their scholarship in this fun, fast-paced format. This session will be presented via Zoom so come learn about your colleagues' research and make interdisciplinary connections. More details on presenters and login information will be posted soon but mark your calendars!


Fall Faculty Learning: Research @ SU 101: Understanding the resources available to support faculty scholarship at SU

Thursday, October 7th 12:30pm-1:30pm

Via Zoom (RSVP here)


Interested in learning about the many resources available to support your scholarship at SU?

Please mark your calendars for this session, in which we provide an overview of the ‘landscape’ of supports available to faculty in pursuing their scholarship in general, and in seeking external funding should they desire to do so. We will highlight resources provided within the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and across multiple offices at SU, and at all points on the research lifecycle, including:

-  Developing and refining your research agenda

-  Finding funding, with a particular focus on leveraging SU’s subscription to GrantForward

Crafting competitive proposals

-  Managing external awards

Faculty members at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate, including those new to SU and those in need of a better understanding of how resources provided through the OSP and other offices can support your work

Spring Grant Managers Virtual Peer Learning Group: Budget Tracking

Thursday, June 10th, 10:00 – 11:00am via Zoom (link provided in advance)

Please RSVP and/or direct any questions to

In collaboration with the Associate Controller, this quarter’s session will discuss sponsored project budget tracking best practices and provide an overview of the tools available to you in post-award budget management. Bring your experiences, tips, and questions to share and discuss with your peers of budget and grant managers.

Virtual Celebration of Scholarship


Thurs, May 20th 12:30-1:30pm 

Join the Zoom here

Please join the Office of the Provost, OSP and Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons for a celebration of Seattle University faculty’s excellence in research, creative, and other scholarly activities! After opening words from Provost Martin, you will hear from six of your colleagues as they share their recent work in a lighting talk format, as well as learn about SU faculty’s wide-ranging intellectual and scholarly contributions – including sponsored projects, published books and manuscripts, conference presentations, and all other products.

Spring Learning: Developing a Proposal Budget  

Tuesday, April 27th 12:30-1:30pm 

Join wih the Zoom Link

Preparation of the budget is, for many researchers, saved for last as it is often the proposal component that feels most daunting, and its role overlooked in the complete proposal package. This interactive workshop will describe the important role of the budget, breakdown common costs and how to budget for them, and walk through a sample budget development process. Whether you are currently preparing for a grant submission or plan to do so in the future, this workshop will equip you with the tools to confidently develop the budget needed to carry out your project.

Meet with a National Endowment for the Humanities Program Officer

March 9th 12:30pm-2:00pm

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If you have a chance, please review these sample funded proposals and criteria review sheet prior to the event:

NEH Fellowships Criteria Worksheet

NEH African Americans who Returned to the US from Canada After the Civil War

NEH American Literature, Poetry and Community in Auden and Others  

Please join the OSP and your faculty colleagues for a discussion with NEH Senior Program Officer Mary Macklem. In this session, she will review NEH programs, answer your questions and share applications tricks and tips.

PDF flyer advertising session with NEH program officer on 3/9/2021

While many people have likely used Excel to graph their data, Excel has limited functionality for creating many standard data visualizations. SPSS is a statistical software package that has a spreadsheet interface very similar to Excel, but with far more options for data visualization and data analysis. It is available to all SU faculty, staff, and students, through SU's virtual desktop ( 

In this workshop, we will discuss some underlying principles of what makes for good & useful data visualization. We will look at several standard types of graphs, and discuss how to decide which graphs are appropriate for a given set of data. And we will learn how to use SPSS to create these graphs. 

This workshop will include demonstrations of creating these graphs as well as time for participants to try out SPSS for themselves. Example data sets will be provided, but if you have data from a project you're interested in working with, please bring that along and we can help you get started visualizing your data! 

This will be an entry-level workshop. No prior experience in statistics or data visualization will be needed in order to participate.

An Introduction to Visualizing Data using SPSS

Hosted by the Data Science Working Group

March 2nd 10:30am - 12:00pm

Please RSVP here

Please direct any questions to

Being able to create appropriate graphs is a key tool in data-informed research. Using the right graphs can allow you to quickly communicate interesting findings, and can help you understand your data and formulate new research questions. 

Please join us as we learn from the experiences of five SU faculty members who have recently served on grant review panels for internal and external sponsors, including the SU Summer Faculty Fellowship, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Fulbright Foundation. The session will begin with a brief ‘mini-seminar’ introducing typical elements of the review process, discussing how serving as a review can improve your own grant writing, and providing tips for being an effective reviewer. Panelists will then share insights from their experiences, including observations about the characteristics that set successful proposals apart in the review process and how serving as a reviewer has informed their own scholarship. Faculty who will be graciously sharing their insights are:

  • John Carter, Professor of Mathematics, Fulbright Scholar Program reviewer
  • Kathleen Cook, Professor of Psychology, NSF reviewer
  • Yen-Lin Han, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Engineering, NSF reviewer
  • Matt Isaac, Professor of Marketing, 2021 Summer Faculty Fellowship Review Committee Chair
  • Kerry Soo Von Esch, Assistant Professor of Education, NSF reviewer

WQ Peer Learning Group: Alternative to Effort

Friday, February 12th | 10:00-11:00am

Please RSVP here

In collaboration with the Associate Controller, we are excited to announce the transition from traditional effort reporting to a review of compensation charges. This new process is being enacted to reduce burden and confusion in the certification of publicly-funded compensation and will be reviewed in detail in this session. Additionally, we’ll share our regular OSP quarterly updates and provide time for questions and community.  All budget managers and staff supporting grants are welcome to attend!

Faculty Research Lightning Talks: Anti-Racist Scholarship

Co-hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Thursday, February 4th | 12:30-1:20pm

Please RSVP here

Please join us for Winter Quarter’s Lightning Talks to learn more about your colleagues’ scholarship and make inter-disciplinary connections!  Seven faculty from across campus will present their work, with this round’s theme of anti-racist scholarship.  Our presenters include:

  • Lisa Abel, College of Nursing, Increasing Access to Cervical Screening in Homeless Women
  • Robert Chang, School of Law, Litigating the 1st and 14th Amendments in the Arizona Ethnic Studies Case
  • Charisse Cowan-Pitre, College of Education, Black Catholic Women Educators on Identity and Teaching for Justice in a time of Black Lives Matter
  • Anne Farina, College of Arts and Sciences, The Use of Hashtag Activism to Highlight Anti-Asian Racism
  • Jasmine Mahmoud, College of Arts and Sciences, Race, Anti-Gentrification, and Avant-Garde Aesthetics: Chicago's Southside Ignoramus Quartet
  • McLean Sloughter, College of Science and Engineering, Supporting Student Success by Changing Campus Culture
  • Erin Vernon, Albers School of Business and Economics, Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in End of Life Care

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FQ Peer Learning Group

Wednesday, November 18th

10:00 - 11:00am

This session, for all staff budget and grant managers, will review internal sponsored project processes. Please join the OSP and your colleagues from across campus for a fun, interactive virtual scavenger hunt to locate the resources available to support you in your sponsored project work.

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Faculty Connections Lightning Talks

November 5th 12:30pm-1:20pm

Join via Zoom

Back by popular demand!  This round of Lightning Talks will focus on the work of our 2020 Summer Faculty Fellows as they present their scholarship in this fun, informal and fast-paced format. Join us via Zoom to learn about your colleagues' research and make interdisciplinary connections! Zoom login information provided to participants in advance.

We are grateful to the following faculty who will share their scholarship with us:

  • Kathryn Bollich-Ziegler, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Self-Knowledge and Other Knowledge of Moral Behaviors
  • Brooke Coleman, School of Law
    • A Critical Guide to Civil Procedure
  • Rosa Joshi, College of Arts & Sciences
    • New Identities in Classical Theatre: An All-Female and Non-Binary Production of Shakespeare’s Richard II
  • Kumhee Ro, College of Nursing
    • Desired and Received Support: Voices of Racial/Ethnic Minority Nursing Faculty
  • Kirsten Thompson, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Animated America: Animation and Advertising from Times Square to Walt Disney
  • Phillip Thompson, College of Science & Engineering
    • Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water
  • Ashli Tyre, College of Education
    • Engaging Student Voice in Positive and Equitable School-Based Discipline Practices: The Student Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline Survey

Are you engaged in research, service, and/or creative works related to racial justice? Do you contribute to the scholarship of systemic racism, civil rights, social inequality, criminal justice reform, equitable education, or another related field, or are interested in contributing to this body of work? Could you benefit from a community of colleagues to share practices, collaborate with, and/or advance your scholarly efforts? Join the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR), and like-minded community members in an open discussion on racial justice scholarship. Please come prepared ready to share your work with colleagues from across campus. The OSP and CFR will discuss the funding landscape and share funding opportunities working to advance racial justice. We hope to see you there! 

 Zoom login information provided to participants in advance.


College of Education Research Speed Dating

October 13th 2pm-4pm

All College of Education faculty are invited to sign up this fun event! Each “date” with your external funding support team will only last 10 minutes via a Zoom call.  Representatives from the Office of Sponsored Projects, Corporate and Foundation Relations and University Advancement will be in each session to learn about your scholarship and funding needs and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll then brainstorm on next steps and send you any potential funding opportunities that may be a good fit.

Sign up today by emailing

Many roads travelled: Reflections on research funding ‘roadmaps’

Thursday, October 8th

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development

Thank you to our panelists and attendees!

View the recording of this session and access all materials from the workshop here.


Please join us as SU faculty from a range of disciplines and career stages share the ‘roadmaps’ they have followed in developing their funded research programs, and the ways in which external support has shaped their trajectories. In addition to learning from colleagues, participants will gain practical insight into approaches to developing a research funding plan that maps pathways for achieving long-term research and funding goals. We are grateful to the following faculty who will be joining us to share their perspectives:

  • Elizabeth Dale, Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Matt Hickman, Professor of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kristin Hultgren, Associate Professor of Biology, College of Science and Engineering
  • Mo Sin, Associate Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing

Zoom login information provided to participants in advance.

School of Law Research Speed Dating

September 10th 1pm-4pm

All School of Law faculty and staff are invited to sign up this fun event!  Each “date” with your external funding support team will only last 10 minutes via a Zoom call.  Representatives from the Office of Sponsored Projects, Corporate and Foundation Relations and University Advancement will be in each session to learn about your scholarship and funding needs and answer any questions you may have.  We’ll then brainstorm on next steps and send you any potential funding opportunities that may be a good fit. Sign up today with Brooke Coleman at


Summer Quarter Peer Learning Group 

Tuesday, July 28th 10am-11am

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) team invites all staff who are responsible for the management of grant programs and/or grant budgets to gather with peers over (virtual) coffee and tea to discuss relevant issues, policy updates and learn about the sponsored project activity on our campus.

Summer quarter's peer learning group's topic will be TBD. 

You can register here


- DETAILS Happy-Hour Conversation-

Co-sponsored by the Office of Sponsored Projects and the Center for Faculty Development; facilitated by Holly Slay Ferraro, David Green, and Jenna Isakson

Thu, May 14 | 4:00–5:00 | Zoom link will be sent upon registration

What happens to our scholarly and creative efforts when our lives have been significantly disrupted?

Clearly there is no single “right” answer to this question: individual contexts require individualized strategies and orientations to help us find our own balance in an unbalanced world.

Perhaps for you, scholarship pales into insignificance compared to supporting your students, caring for relatives and for yourself, and/or home-schooling your children; it’s a luxury you need to let go of. Or maybe time spent on scholarship provides you a welcome reprieve from email, social media, and the news – a chance to get comfortably lost in ideas and projects. Alternatively, you may be someone for whom scholarship is a form of healing, enabling you to think and write your way through the present trauma to new realizations and a deeper appreciation of what matters to you most.

Whatever your stance – and whatever your discipline, career stage, rank, or research funding – we invite you to join us for this happy-hour conversation to share and explore the myriad approaches to scholarship that are enabling you to stay grounded in the age of COVID-19.

In addition to creating a space for you to share with colleagues, staff from the Office of Sponsored Projects and Center for Faculty Development will be on hand to reflect on “nuts-and-bolts” approaches to addressing the challenges associated with timelines and/or research funding when so many factors are beyond our collective control.

Outside the session, we’ll share a few resources that provide contrasting perspectives on scholarly productivity in a time of crisis as well as resources for managing a sponsored project through this new environment.

Remember to bring your own beverages and snacks!

Register here 

Spring Quarter Peer Learning Group

In anticipation of many changes and questions surrounding research at SU amidst the current crisis, OSP will host our Spring Peer Learning Group via Zoom on Tuesday, April 28th.  We will review the steps OSP has been taking to proactively determine the effect of current sponsor policies, issues that may arise due to the crisis and procedures when making changes to grant budgets and/or deliverables.  The policies and new procedures can also be found on our website.  It will also be an opportunity to see some friendly faces and ask any questions!   We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, April 28th at 10am.  Stay healthy!

You can RSVP at 


Essentials of Proposal Development 

In WQ, the OSP will host a faculty-focused workshop titled Essentials of Grant Development where we will explore how you can position yourself for success when writing grant proposals. This workshop will be offered twice (same content at both) to accommodate schedules. 

For the workshops, materials, you can access them here

Faculty Research Connections Lightning Round 

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) will be hosting an inaugural event: Faculty Research Connections Lightning Round. At this event, faculty from all SU colleges will present their work in a fun, informal and fast-paced format. Join us to learn about your colleagues' research and make interdisciplinary connections! 



WQ Peer Learning Group

This quarter's agenda will have a focus on allowability when making purchases on grants, where we'll hear from our Grant Accountant. The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) team invites all staff who are responsible for the management of grant programs and/or grant budgets to gather with peers over coffee and tea to discuss relevant issues, policy updates and learn about the sponsored project activity on our campus.

 For allowability materials, click here

Holiday Gathering & Report Drop-Off 

Feeling flustered by quarterly reports & effort reports? No fear, OSP is here! Faculty and staff can drop off their quarterly reports and effort reports, ask questions and grab a cookie and hot chocolate. We'd love answer any reporting questions you may have and share in some holiday cheer. 



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FQ19 Peer Learning Group: Subaward vs. Subcontractor

Slides from the Fall Grant Managers Peer Learning Group focused on understanding the distinction between sub-awards and sub-contractors and determining the post-award processes that apply to both are available here. This event is part of the quarterly series OSP hosts for staff responsible for managing grant programs and/or budgets.

FQ19 Faculty Workshop - Identifying Funding Opportunities

Co-hosted by OSP, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR), and Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, Identifying Funding Opportunities provided faculty with a variety of resources available to you to help find funding opportunities for your unique project.

View or download the slides and handouts from this workshop here.

  • Identify SU resources and staff available to support your funding search
  • Navigate the new Funding Resource Guide
  • Create a set of keywords and gain insight on efficient on-line searches
  • Develop skills in interpreting search results
  • Understand basic terminology associated with external funding
  • Begin to assess fit between sponsor objectives and project aims

Grant-curious faculty and staff who were unable to participate in the workshop are encouraged to reach out to to learn about how OSP and other campus partners can support your funding search and research!

OSP Year End Celebration

Join us in early June for our annual end-of-year open house to celebrate the sponsored project successes over academic year 2019-20!