Submission Process

For all proposals, letters of intent, pre-proposals, subaward commitments and unfunded research-related agreements and contracts, OSP will facilitate the Provost’s review and signature as the contract ultimately binds Seattle University with an external entity. Please read the below information to learn more about when the required proposal forms and submission process.

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SU Internal Review & Approval Process

Required Proposal FormsDetails
Proposal Transmittal Form The "PTF" is required for all proposals.
PTF Addendum A Co-PI page Addendum A is required for each co-PI or faculty member with a course release included in the project budget
PTF Addendum B Cost Share Addendum B is required for all proposals with cost share included.
PTF Addendum C Export Control Checklist Addendum C is required for all proposals with potential export control matters
PTF Addendum D Foreign Travel Addendum D is required for all proposals including foreign travel
PTF Addendum E Harassment Notification Addendum E is required for all named personnel on an NSF or NIH sponsored proposal
FCOI Disclosure eForm This disclosure is required on an annual  basis for each PI or Senior Personnel on a proposal.
Budget Template for Federal/Public Funding Please use this budget template for proposals submitted to public funding sources (federal, state, etc.)
Budget Template for Private Funding Please use this budget template for proposals submitted to private sponsors
Budget Justification Template  Please use this budget justification for all proposal budgets
Subrecipient Commitment Form  This form is required from a subrecipient/subaward (external collaborator) in addition to their scope of work, budget, budget justification, and other documents as required by the sponsor. Please see the section on Subaward vs. Subcontractor for more details.