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      Student Opinion on Unionization 


     photo Unionization1_zps1634e7bf.png photo Unionization2_zpsd633f53b.png photo Unionization3_zpsd4978307.png photo Unionization4_zpsc24d877d.png photo Unionization5_zps51ff8070.png photo Unionization6_zps564b2b0d.png photo Unionization7_zps677ca008.png photo Unionization8_zps6911d17b.png photo Unionization9_zpsbe1849d7.png photo Unionization10_zpscbdbcb70.png 

    Data based on 368 responses from a poll sent to all undergraduate students between May 14 - May 20, 2014. 

     Student comments featured were sourced from those submitted in the poll. 

     An SU student ID number was required to take the poll.

    4% of students had an opinion that was "other." 

     Questions? Contact SGSU's External Chief of Staff, Izzy Gardon at



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