Fall Quarter Report  (FQ'14)

Every quarter, Student Government publishes a quarterly report which details the accomplishments we made during the last quarter. Read our latest report FQR - 14

FQR - 14

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State of the Undergraduate Student Body Survey Results ('13 - '14)

The State of the Undergraduate Student Body Survey (“SUSS”) was the most successful student body survey at Seattle University in recent history. By asking students over 80 questions on a wide range of topics, the Student Government of Seattle University received meaningful data that revealed key facts about the student body. The data will be––and have already been––used to substantiate student concerns to the university’s administration.


Student Views on Adjunct & Contingent Faculty Unionization 

This brief report contains the results from the Student Government of Seattle University’s poll that solicited the undergraduate  student body’s opinion on adjunct and contingent faculty unionization. The poll was open between the afternoon of May 14th and the morning of May  20th. To ensure authenticity, an SU student identification number was required to complete the poll.