Student Government of Seattle University


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    Seattle University Committees 

    Virtually every aspect of Seattle University is critically analyzed and addressed by a university committee. These groupsmade up of faculty, staff, students, and administratorsmeet and form initiatives to improve our campus, our education, and our student experience. These committees value student perspective. It is the responsibility of SGSU's University Affairs Committee, a sub-group of SGSU, to find and appoint student representatives to university committees. These appointees represent the student voice and are responsible for corresponding with SGSU to ensure continuity between University initiatives and the student body. If you are interested in an opportunity to develop leadership, management, and communication skills, view the list of University Committees below and consider applying.



    Board of Trustees: Catholic Jesuit Identity 

    The primary purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board of Trustees (through the University President) in its fiduciary responsibility for the University’s Catholic, Jesuit identity. The Committee will assist the Board in exercising its responsibility in the following areas: (1) opportunities and challenges for the University in fostering its identity; (2) University’s programs to maintain and promote its identity; (3) hiring of faculty and staff for mission; (4) education for mission; (5) trustee education for mission; (6) direction and guidance of the university’s articulation and promoting of its identity.


    The student representative should have an active interest in the current and developing Jesuit Catholic Identity of the University. The Committee will meet at least three times a year or more frequently as circumstances require. Meetings will normally take place within two weeks before a scheduled full meeting of the Board meeting. 


    Assessment & Planning Coordination Committee 
    This committee is charged with promoting accountability through: (1) coordinating the university’s plans (e.g., enrollment plan, strategic plan, facilities plan); (2) evaluating non-academic departments in terms of how they meet their goals/perform their functions; and (3) ensuring that the university is in compliance with accreditation requirements. 

    The representative should provide a student perspective and act as a conduit of communication between students and administrators. Time obligations outside of the meetings will be limited to periodic review of materials. This committee will have approximately two meetings per month; 1-1.5 hours per meeting.


    Athletic Advisory Board

    The purpose of the AAB is to assist and advise the “. . . Director of Athletics (Bill Hogan) in the exercise of institutional responsibility and control of intercollegiate athletics.  The guiding concern of the Board is the overall welfare of students who participate in intercollegiate athletics.  The Board both advises the Director on policy issues brought to the Board’s attention by the Director and also initiates discussion on issues of concern regarding student-athletes to the faculty or administration.”  Your work to ensure the well-being of our student-athletes is critical to the success of our athletics program and of our student-athletes not only during their tenure at Seattle University, but following graduation. 

    The student representative on this committee must have an interest in advising SU athletics and cannot be a student athlete. AAB student representative will be expected to attend three or four two-hour meetings per year (tentatively scheduled for December 13, February 28, and May 2), participate actively in discussions, and prepare for meetings beforehand by reviewing documents and information provided by AAB chair.


    Campus Store Advisory Board 

    As the only revenue generating entity on campus, the Campus Store has a unique role in serving students with lower cost textbook options and maintaining a profitable status. Participate first hand in the decision making process which will determine the operating policies of the Campus Store. Board members will engage with students, faculty, administration and Bookstore staff in board level discussions about current and future operations, priorities and opportunities.


    Students serving on this board are required to serve one year; however, a multi-year commitment is encouraged. Students will meet at least once a quarter. We are looking to appoint two students from each undergrad year, a graduate student, and a law student. 



    University Core Committee 

    University Core committee makes executive decisions for the University Core, maintaining and improving the general education learning of SU students. The committee will consider policies, curriculum, other education issues, and operational concerns. This is a new committee, composed to guide the new Core curriculum to be as effective in providing students with a comprehensive education. Confidentiality is a must.


    Student members should be familiar with the Core and interested in learning more about how the Core works. Willingness to participate in discussions about how to support and improve student learning is essential. The student representative should be a student who has taken or is taking the Core, which includes all undergraduate students (except students in University Honors and the Matteo Ricci College).   Students who entered Seattle University as first year students (as opposed to transfer students) are preferred because of their greater range of experiences with the Core.


    Board of Trustees: Student Development

    This sub-committee of the Board of Trustees oversees all non-academic aspects dealing with the student experience on campus. Major university projects and the overall well-being of students are topics often discussed during these meetings. Michele Murray, the Vice President for Student Development heads this committee. 

    The student representative serving on this committee must have a genuine passion for Seattle University. The student representative must care deeply about the student experience at our University and must be engaged with student needs. 


    University Rank and Tenure (URT) Committee

    This committee reviews recommendations of the Deans and colleges/school, and recommends promotions and tenure awards for faculty. Meetings are weekly for one quarter and special meetings are called at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members.