SGSU Committees 

  • Presidential Advisory Board (PAB)
    • The President Advisory Board actively seeks out the needs of the student body with an intentional focus on historically marginalized groups to enhance the student experience.
    • This committee is led by our President, PAB works on many things, but the major project that is worked on throughout the year is the State of the Undergraduate Survey (SUSS).  
  • Steering
    • The Steering Committee works to foster a welcoming and inclusive community within the Student Government of Seattle University by developing and strengthening internal and external connections.
    • This committee is led by our Senate Chair, steering focuses on the internal process of SGSU to make sure our team is working in a positive and efficient workspace.
  • Finance
    • The Finance Committee aims to provide financial governance that is fair, sustainable, and transparent for SGSU and all of its constituents.
    • This committee is led by our Chief Financial Officer, the finance committee is mainly responsible for SGSU's appropriations process and funding clubs on campus.
  • Academic Affairs
    • SGSU’s Academic Affairs Committee aims to ensure the undergraduate students of Seattle University have the proper resources, collective representation, and learning opportunities to thrive on a campus that functions alongside them in their pursuit of academic excellence and beyond.
    • This committee is led by our Vice President of Academic Affairs, this committee works on many projects throughout the year that enhance the overall academic experience and work on projects that are college specific. 
  • Communications
    • As the Communications Committee in SGSU, our mission is not only to make information accessible but to effectively communicate to our constituents through social media, email, and in-person marketing. By
      analyzing what works best marketing-wise through surveys, we will be innovative and always improve our tactics to effectively reach the undergraduate student population.
    • This committee is led by the Vice President of Communications, and works solely on marketing the events that SGSU are working on and to market SGSU as an organization.

Seattle University Committees 

Virtually every aspect of Seattle University is critically analyzed and addressed by a university committee. These groupsmade up of faculty, staff, students, and administratorsmeet and form initiatives to improve our campus, our education, and our student experience. These committees value student perspectives. It is the responsibility of SGSU's University Affairs Committee, a sub-group of SGSU, to find and appoint student representatives to university committees.

These appointees represent the student's voice and are responsible for corresponding with SGSU to ensure continuity between University initiatives and the student body. If you are interested in an opportunity to develop leadership, management, and communication skills, apply for any open positions on Handshake.