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1. What are the eligibility requirements for funding from SGSU?

  • Club or Organization must be recognized through the Center for Student Involvement in order to be eligible for SGSU appropriations.
  • A member from each team/group requesting funding must be in attendance at the presentation of the appropriation. (if requested)
  • Clubs are not permitted to use crowdsourcing funding platforms (GoFundMe, etc) or third-party payment systems ( square, PayPal, etc) Only Venmo is allowed as per Controller's Office preference.
  • Clubs who are eligible for funding and receive SGSU appropriations will see the funding reflected in their Seattle University activity string.
  • Due to Washington State law, Seattle University's clubs and organizations are not permitted to conduct gambling in any form (ex. door prizes and raffles to fundraise).

2. What happens if I break the eligibility requirements for funding?

If these limitations are violated at any time, the club will be notified upon discovery and may impact their eligibility for and/or amounts of appropriations funding. Additionally, clubs may be held accountable for violating Seattle University policies.

3. What will SGSU refuse to fund?

  • Events that have already taken place.
  • Requests for food and drink for general club or organization meetings.
  • Requests for a general club operating funds, including membership dues.
  • Requests to attend events that will financially support (directly or indirectly) a political party or candidate.
  • Funding for alcohol at events.
  • National Airfare
  • Any Form of International Travel (including Airfare).
  • Requests for funding of $2000 or more (without 50% of funding coming from outside sources first)
  • Requests for funding events where 50% or more of funding comes from a school department.
  • No petty cash, incidentals, spending money, tuition payments, or personal expenses.
  • Single-use printed materials (e.g. promotional materials).
  • Requests from a club or organization that has already received 10% of the SGSU Appropriations Budget for the year.

4. What are the expectations for a funding request?

  • It is expected that any club requesting funds from SGSU demonstrate that it has (or will have) gone under significant fundraising efforts outside of approaching SGSU Appropriations.
  • Clubs requesting under $2000 may be granted up to the full cost of the event on a discretionary basis.
  • Clubs requesting over $2000 must fund at least 50% of their event's total cost outside of SGSU Appropriations

5. Can SGSU take my funding away?

The SGSU Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer may terminate funding awards or requests at their discretion. You may appeal a termination to the SGSU Senate Assembly.

6. What are the funding stipulations?

  • All publicity for the event or program must include "Sponsored by SGSU" and include the SGSU logo.
  • Additional stipulations may be added by the Finance Committee during the meeting and must be adhered to.
  • A member from each team/group requesting funding must be in attendance at appropriations presentation(s). Presentations may be requested for any proposal; however, they are required for funding requests over $500.

7. Do I need to show proof of my usage of funding?

  • Clubs are expected to submit copies or scans of receipts to SGSU to show how the awarded funding was utilized and allocated within two weeks of the event date. 
  • A form and/or email will be sent out to collect the receipts and invoices
    upon approval of the funds.
  • Failure to submit the receipts within the two-week time frame will lead to possible rejection of your clubs' next funding requests.
  • NOTE: The receipt must be itemized and clearly captured or scanned to show the amount used and shown that it has been paid.

8. I have more than $20 left over from my funding, can I keep it?

If you have a remaining balance of more than $20 from the awarded funds, you are required to give the balance back to SGSU

  • SGSU Chief Financial Officer will be writing a journal entry to move funds from your club’s activity string to the SGSU appropriations activity string.  The journal entry will be signed by SGSU Advisor - Marissa Robledo and Angel Asuncion-Reed who is Assistant Director of Clubs and Leadership.  The signed journal entry will then be forwarded to the Controller’s office for processing.

9. Is there a more compiled document about funding that I can share with my club?

There is!  If you follow this link here: All About Club Funding you should be taken to our SGSU funding document!