• Saturday, February 28, 2015
    REGISTRATION   Registration Tent | Outside Pigott Building

    Fred Bahnson MTS | Soil and Sacrament: Food, Faith, and Growing Heaven on Earth | Pigott 103
    Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen MD | Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman | Pigott Auditorium
    Rebecca Brown | MYSTERIOUS: a reading of new fiction and poetry writing | Pigott 100
    J. Spencer Fluhman PhD | A Peculiar  People: Mormons and the Problem of American Religions Freedom | Pigott 107
    Rick Grant MA, LMHCA | Seattle's Churches: Ministry, Legacy, and Amazing Architecture | Pigott 106
    Randy Harrington PhD; Carmen E. Voilleque | EVOLUTIONARIES: The Art & Science of Leading Transformative Change | Pigott 102
    Lyanda Lynn Haupt MA | Nature, Wildness, and the Crafting of a Creative Life | Pigott 101
    Tina Kelley | Poverty and Poetry: Bearing Witness through the Written Word | Sullivan 110
    Rev Dr Eric H.F. Law MDiv, DD | Holy Currencies: Six Blessing for Sustainable and Missional Ministries | Sullivan Ct C1
    Jen Marlowe | Reflections on Resistance: Palestine, Darfur and the Death Penalty | Sullivan Ct C5
    Kenneth V. Peterson MA, OblSB | Prayer as Night Falls: Seeking the Numinous at the End of the Day | Sullivan 105  
    Laura Swan OSB | The Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women's Movement | Sullivan Ct C6
    Helen Szablya Hon. Consul General of Hungary | From Refugee Escapee, to Consul General of Hungary: One Woman's Exciting Journey | Pigott 109
    Rev Thomas L. Vandenberg Mdiv, MA | The Surprising Sacrament of Matrimony; What difference does it make? | Sullivan Ct C3

    Book Signing

    Session 1 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium

    Keynote Presentation and Q&A

    Paul Vallely CMG FRSA | Francis—The Pope of Surprises | Campion Ballroom 

    Keynote Book Signing

    Paul Vallely CMG FRSA | Campion Ballroom 

    Lunch Break

    Jan Alkire BS in Physical Medicine | Sharing Your Stories, Creating Your Legacy | Pigott 105
    Ruth Broyde Sharone | Minefields & Miracles: Why God and Allah Need to Talk, Tales of One Woman’s Risky Global Adventure in Interfaith | Sullivan 109
    Colette Casavant MAPS; Joelle Pretty MA | Questioning for Purpose: A Workshop on Career & Life Change Discernment | Pigott 101
    Dana Greene PhD | Denise Levertov: Poet and Pilgrim | Pigott 107
    Nicola Griffith | Hild: The Woman Who Changed the World 1400 Years Ago | Pigott 103
    Chris Hoke MFA ; Fred Bahnson MTS | Jails, Gardens, & the Hunger in Our Stories: The Making of Two Spiritual Autobiographies | Sullivan 105
    Peggy Kelsey | Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women | Pigott 106
    David Laskin MA | From Family History to World History: Finding, facing and telling the stories that connect us all | Sullivan Ct C1
    Gregory Orfalea MFA | Junipero Serra: an Alternate Foundation Story for The United States
    | Pigott 100
    Rev Bruce Reyes-Chow  Ddiv | But I Don't See You As Asian: Curating Conversations About Race | Sullivan Ct C3
    Rosette Royale | Sacred journalism: Touching the untouchable in newspaper writing | Sullivan 110
    Mary Doria Russell | Jewish Survival in Nazi-Occupied Italy-What Went Right in Italy?
    | Sullivan Ct C5
    Dorothy Van Soest MSW, PhD | Forgiveness, Destiny and the True Nature of Justice | Sullivan Ct C7
    Roy I. Rochon Wilson Honorary Chief, Cowlitz Indian Tribe | Native American Culture and Spirituality As Related to Other Cultures and Religions | Pigott 102
    Nancy Pearl MLS, MA | My Reading Life | Pigott Auditorium

    Book Signing
    Session 2 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium
    Author Presentations

    Adam Bucko | Occupy Spirituality: Radical Aliveness for Changing the World | Sullivan 109
    Susanne Braham MA; Abigail Carter; Connie Fisher; Donna Hilbert MA; Kristine Shorey Forbes MBA | Writing Through Grief,’ a discussion with four contributors to the new anthology, The Widows’ Handbook  | Pigott 103
    Geri Marr Burdman PhD | Search for Significance: Finding Meaning in Times of Change, Challenge, and Chaos | Pigott 105
    Brian Doyle | A Book of Uncommon Prayer: A Reading From My Work | Pigott 101  Ru Freeman | Our Words, Our Selves | Sullivan 105
    Chad Stephen Hamill PhD | Our Spirituality is Sung: Locating the Musical Middle Ground Between Indians and Priests in the Columbia Plateau | Pigott 107
    Michael Heyn MA | Breaking Down Inequality: A Global Challenge-Coming Together of Rich and Poor | Sullivan Ct C1
    Linda Lawrence Hunt PhD | Pilgrimage through Loss: Pathways to strength and Renewal after Life's Shipwrecks | Sullivan Ct C6
    David M. Levy PhD | Mindful Tech: Finding Contemplative Balance with and through Our Digital Devices | Pigott 106  
    May McCarthy | The Path to Wealth: How to Turn Intuition into Profits!  /  Seven Spiritual Steps to Financial Abundance | Sullivan Ct C5
    Patricia O'Connell Killen PhD; Roberta Stringham Brown PhD | Deep Impulses in Pacific Northwest Catholicism, Then and Now | Pigott 109
    Father Timothy Radcliffe OP | How Can Christians Touch the Imagination of Our Contemporaries? | Pigott Auditorium  (This presentation ends at 3:45pm)
    Jennie Shortridge | Fiction is a Conversation: The Healing Power of Writing and Reading Novels | Pigott 100
    Indu Sundaresan | Before the Brown Sahib, the imperfect gentleman: An Indian Maharajah at Queen Victoria's court prior to the British domination of India | Sullivan Ct C3
    Teresa Tamura | Healing Properties of Art: Documenting Minidoka War Relocation Center | Sullivan 110
    Maged Zaher | If Reality Doesn't Work Out | Sullivan Ct C7
    Alex Tizon
    | How Exile and Alienation Saved My Life | Pigott 102

    Book Signing
    Session 3 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium
    Keynote Presentation and Q&A
    Krista Tippett | The Adventure of Civility | Campion Ballroom
    Keynote Book Signing

    Krista Tippett | Campion Ballroom