Search For Meaning Book Festival

Search for Meaning Book Festival

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50+ authors, an annual festival, and a nationwide network surrounding the human search for meaning.

The Seattle University Search for Meaning Book Festival, which draws national and international authors to campus, has been a great success thanks to the support of our neighbors, community members and generous donors and volunteers who have given their time and financial resources to make this a one-of-a-kind event. Since it began six years ago, the book festival has been open to the general public free of charge. But with increasing costs associated with the festival, we must implement a $10 fee for entrance this year for each attendee. While this, along with the continuing generosity from private donors, will help offset some of the expenses, Seattle University will continue to invest significant financial and personnel resources into Search for Meaning.

A special thanks to this year’s sponsors. Their tremendous generosity allows us to continue offering this event with only a modest admittance fee. We are grateful to them and to all who attend and hope to see new faces at the 2016 Search for Meaning Book Festival.

People look at books at the search for meaning book festival

A group of books at the search for meaning book festival

A crowd of people at the search for meaning book festival