Projects Day Posters

This year we will have a poster session on Projects Day, so any poster requirements will be set by your design coordinator. Please check with your own department for poster requirements and deadlines.

All teams to create a poster with very high–level, exciting points about their project. The posters are due to the Project Center by Thursday 5/17/23, but the posters may be due to your design coordinator prior to this date. Check with your design coordinator and faculty advisor on the departmental due date. This content also needs to be approved by your sponsor!

The poster template can be found under Student Resources on the right side, and it can also be emailed to your team by request. When your project team has completed the design and once it is approved by your liaison/sponsor: please send a copy in PDF format and another copy in Microsoft Publisher, to your Faculty Advisor and your Design Coordinator. After a final review of the poster by the Faculty Advisor and Design Coordinator, all the posters will be forwarded to the Project Center at for printing and mounting.

The finished display posters should include:

  • The name of the sponsor (and logo if the sponsor has given permission for its use).
  • Seattle University signature or seal.
  • Title of the project.
  • Team number, names of team members, faculty advisor, and liaisons.
  • Short description of the need for the project.
  • Information on what the team did on the project and the results using charts, graphics, photographs, screen shots, or other visuals as well as narrative to explain the visuals.