Teams are encouraged to give a final presentation to the sponsor and their company in addition to the presentation on Projects Day.

Giving a presentation to the sponsor(s):

  • Gives students the experience of addressing a group of managers and answering their questions
  • Lets other co-workers and managers learn about what the liaisons have been spending their time doing
  • Increases awareness of Seattle University and the Project Center at the company, which improves chances of SU alums getting a job and of future student teams getting a project

Contact your liaisons in May about doing a presentation for their supervisors. Invite the Project Center Director or the Corporate Relationships Specialist to the presentation to give a short introduction about the Project Center and to meet and thank the sponsor representatives.

Practice Sessions

As the Project Center has more details regarding the structure of the event and how we will hold practice sessions and project displays, we will get this information to you. Follow your department’s guidelines for presentations and displays.

Team presentations are 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes between presentations for questions. The tight presentation schedule does not allow time for students to disconnect and connect to their own laptops, run demonstrations on their own laptops during their presentation, or log in and out using individual names.