Electrical and Computer Engineering 1-Minute Videos


 Projects Day 2023 Colorful Graphic

Preview for Projects Day 2023

Electrical and Computer Engineering 1-Minute Videos

Preview what each team has been working on by clicking the links below. Also, some students are sharing their LinkedIn profiles with Projects Day attendees. Student LinkedIn profiles for each team can be viewed by clicking the names below the video links.

Amazon Web Services-AWS Availability Rover 2023

The Boeing Company-Automated Mobile Inspection Robot

Jessica Bowerman

Jaron Ngo

KiloWatts for Humanity-Interactive Load Profile Archive

Sound Transit-HVAC Health and Capacity Monitoring

Laura Olson

Tacoma Power-Commercial Vehicle Charging Station Design

Cameron Ching

Matthew Le

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Student LinkedIn profiles are underlined in red throughout the booklet. Click them and connect to our amazing students!abstract pattern with Projects Day 2023