Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SU PhysFest for?

SU PhysFest 2020 is for high school seniors interested in studying physics at Seattle University beginning in the fall of 2020. Students should have a strong interest in obtaining a degree in physics, engineering, or a related field.

How do I apply for SU PhysFest?

An application for Seattle University must be submitted for you to be considered for participation in PhysFest. It is suggested that you have at least one of your high school physics teachers write a letter of recommendation as part of your Seattle University application. You must also fill out the PhysFest Application.

How do I know if I have been accepted to SU PhysFest?

After your SU application and PhysFest Application have both been received, faculty from the Physics Department will review your information. If selected to attend, you will receive an invitation near the end of January.

How much does SU PhysFest cost?

SU PhysFest is free to invited attendees! Accommodations with a host student and meals are included. Partial airfare reimbursements are available; please contact us for details at

Where do participants stay while on campus?

You will be introduced to a host student when you arrive for the workshop and will stay with them on or near campus. Your interactions with your host and with other current physics students will help give you a vivid picture of what student life is like as a physics major at SU.

Where can I learn more about studying physics at Seattle University?

Click on the links to the left to access information about physics faculty, curriculum, and facilities.