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Summer Research Begins

A group picture from the opening BBQ for Summer Research 2019
Photography by Teresa Beery
June 21, 2019

The summer research program began with a BBQ. Each day of the summer, SU students across all disciplines of Science and Engineering are working with faculty to research difficult problems. The program will culminate in a poster session in October where students will share their research.

For Physics, Professors and students are working on the following projects:

Student ResearcherFaculty MentorResearch Project Title
Mason Brown Paul Fontana Minaturization of the Faraday Crystal Lens Array
Tanner Marshall Joanne Hughs Star Galaxies
MacQuarrie Thomson Mary Alberg Structure of Proton - We are studying how fast-moving protons are contracted into flying disks that create clouds of pions and strange particles.
Ethan Purcel  Mary Alberg  Structure of Proton
Enrique Sanchez Mary Alberg Structure of Proton
Michael Bremer Andy Kim Contructina a tunable current source for a laser diode system
Lucas Ehinger Andy Kim Developing dynamic force microscopy using a high-precision autocollimator 
Eileen Flescher Paul Fontana Optfluidics Research