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STEM Research Showcase 2019

Photography by Teresa Beery
October 28, 2019

SU students across all disciplines of Science and Engineering worked with faculty this summer to research difficult problems in their field of study. On October 25th, these students shared their research findings to faculty, staff, and guests.

Ethan Purcell sharing about his findings on Transverse Distributions of the Strange Cloud of the Proton.

MacQuarrie Thomson showcases his project on Transverse Distributions of the Pion Cloud in a Chiral Light Cone Perturbation Theory Model.

Lucas Ehinger discussing about the Investigation of Electric Force Microscopy by Quasi-Static & Dynamic Force Measurements.

Mason Brown researched about Bragg Scattering Measurements in Stablilized Faraday Wave Crystals.

Tanner Marshall researched this summer on The Star Formation History of the WLM Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.

Michael Bremer and his findings on Construction of a Variable Current Source for a Laser Diode.