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Mary Alberg Gives Tribute to Ernest Henley

This depicts Mary Alberg during the time of her graduate studies with her husband and three children
August 12, 2019

Mary Alberg wrote a paper titled, "Ernest Henley and Hadron Structure." It is a recollections of work done with her UW Ph.D. advisor and collaborator, and was published in February 2019 in the Ernest M. Henley Memorial Issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics E, by World Scientific.

In this paper, Mary summarizes the research work accomplished with Ernest Henley. She applauds him for supporting her, the only woman in a class of 40, who was attending grad school while raising a family including three children (pictured above).

Mary and Ernie collaborated for over 40 years and published 27 papers together. She honors him as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend.