Sample Workshops

Veterinary Challenge

Explore the excitement and intrigue of being a veterinarian. Learn about diagnosing and treating animal illness including the use of radiography (x-rays), surgery, laboratory tests, parasite identification, and more. Come prepared to discover your own skill as a radiologist and surgeon and meet your first patient for a physical exam. Sherrie Crow, Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

DNA-Check Out Your Own!

Would you like the chance to harvest your own DNA? In this workshop, you will prepare a sample of your own DNA from your cheek cells and learn about the blueprint which determines life's architecture! Elaine Thomas, Bayer

Driving in the Fast Lane

Learn about Newton's Laws of Motion as your construct your very own Rocket Car! You will explore how symmetry, friction,k and other variables play a role in the speed of your car. Discover how mechanical engineers apply these principles in real life. Kristen Marquez, Society of Women Engineers

Photos courtesy Blue Sapota Photography